An Irresistible Scent

An Irresistible Scent by Heather Farley
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An Irresistible Scent
By Heather Farley
Published: July 25, 2016

an irresistible scent

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Eileen Klaris has a charmed life. At only 24 years young, she headed her very own online business selling handmade perfumes, and was set to marry a wonderful man. Everything was smooth sailing, until her so-called fiancé tried to sell the company she poured her soul into.

Dreams were shattered like glass, an engagement was called off, and she ran away to New York City, where Eileen thought she could start a new chapter of her life, and rescue her stagnant business.

It was the perfect plan. Except that on the plane to New York, she took a seat next to the handsome Leon Stafford, the president of Stafford’s, the hottest place to shop in the entire country. His fiery eyes, majestically sculpted face, and warm presence drew her in, like a moth to a flame.

But, Eileen’s cautious, damaged heart, and Leon’s dark, hidden past, are just the beginning of the raging storm that strives to stop these two from embracing each another…

An Irresistible Scent is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, about finding love after heartbreak, weathering through the toughest of challenges and temptations. Discover what it means to put everything on the line, to protect the one you love.

This steamy little number is a standalone – no cliffhangers! But be advised, because this book is SPICY, with a happy ending for Leon and Eileen to round it all off.

An Irresistible Scent is author, Heather Farley’s debut novel.  This is a very sweet and enjoyable story of Eileen Klaris, written from her point of view.   She is currently in the process of starting over in NYC, after being betrayed by her ex-fiancé.  Swearing off men, she does not pay much attention to the hot guy, Leon Stafford, who is hitting on her in first class… not even looking at his business card.  Weeks later, Eileen is surprised to see Leon when proposing a business deal to Stafford’s department store.

I enjoyed the sexual tension between Leon and Eileen. There was some drama as well as steamy sex scene, which made the story exciting.  I especially loved Eileen’s desire to rebuild her business and Leon’s alpha male personae.  Leon was perfect taking charge, but also encouraging Eileen to shine.  I recommend An Irresistible Scent  to anyone who enjoys a fun, hot entertaining story!

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Born and raised in California, Heather spends her time split between playing with her cat, Peaches, sipping on americanos, and translating ideas and plots into paper. Having worked as a ghostwriter for over a year beforehand, she decided to take a chance by self-publishing her first novel, An Irresistible Scent. The process was so addicting, that there’s no doubt she’ll be back for more! She hopes that one day, she too can join the ranks of the New York Times Bestsellers list, but until then, she’s content to write and get lost within the pages of a good novel.

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