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Anton's Grace by Regine Abel
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Anton’s Grace
By Regine Abel
Released June 9th, 2017

Grace is in trouble. Her agent and ex-boyfriend, Marcus, has fled, leaving her stranded on the Venus Hive pleasure barge. His creditors want compensation and with Marcus nowhere to be found, they’ve decided Grace will do nicely. Desperate for help, she turns to Anton Myers, the wealthy and ruthless owner of the Hive Network. He agrees to help her. The terms: anything he wants for six months.

Anton has waited a long time for this moment. Grace may not remember him, but he hasn’t forgotten her. Signing herself over to his every command will not keep her safe. A Braxian never forgets a slight to his honor. And Grace will pay… with interests.

Anton’s Grace is a twisted tale of unlikely second chances that will leave you squirming in your seat. Can you stomach the darkness?




Anton’s Grace is the second book in the Dark Tales series by Regine Abel and a complete standalone.  I have not read the first book in the series and was able to follow along with no difficulties.  Even though the story is set in a paranormal world, it deals with realistic issues of revenge, power, and prestige.  The characters are well developed, complex, and I became completely engrossed in the book!

In this story, Grace is a singer and her agent left her in debt and now people are after her. She has nowhere else to go, but ask Mr. Anton Meyers, a wealthy business mogul, to help her. Anton agrees to pay her debt if she agrees to do whatever he wants for 6 months. Little does she know that Anton plans to seek revenge for an incident that occurred 6 years ago.  Grace does not realize that Anton was the one she hurt 6 years ago, until it is too late.

Anton’s Grace is a dark romance and does have some difficult scenes. The surprise twists kept me mesmerized and I highly recommend to all those who like to read a dark romance!

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Regine Abel is a fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi junky. Anything with a bit of magic, a touch of the unusual and definitely a lot of romance, will have her jumping for joy. Hot alien warriors meeting no-nonsense, kick-ass heroine give her warm fuzzies. Through her Veredian Chronicles series, Regine will take you to an exciting alien world full of mystery, action, passion and new beginnings. Follow Amalia and her Veredian sisters – enslaved, exploited and hunted – as they fight for their freedom and the right to love. In her Dark Tales series, Regine will make you rediscover the fairy tales of your youth in a sexy, dark, and twisted reimagining of the classics.

When not writing or reading, Regine surrenders to the other passion in her life: video games! As a professional Game Designer and Creative Director, her career has led her from her home in Canada to the US and various countries in Europe and Asia.

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