Anton’s Grace

 Book Title: Anton’s Grace

Author: Regine Abel

Genre: Sci-Fi Dark Romance

Cover Reveal: May 5, 2017

Release Date: June 9, 2017


Grace is in trouble. Her agent and ex-boyfriend, Marcus, has fled, leaving her stranded on the Venus Hive pleasure barge. His creditors want compensation and with Marcus nowhere to be found, they’ve decided Grace will do nicely. Desperate for help, she turns to Anton Myers, the wealthy and ruthless owner of the Hive Network. He agrees to help her. The terms: anything he wants for six months.

Anton has waited a long time for this moment. Grace may not remember him, but he hasn’t forgotten her. Signing herself over to his every command will not keep her safe. A Braxian never forgets a slight to his honor. And Grace will pay… with interests. 

Anton’s Grace is a twisted tale of unlikely second chances that will leave you squirming in your seat. Can you stomach the darkness?



“If you won’t take my singing as repayment, what else would you accept to help me?”

Anton gave me a cold stare and let out an irritated sigh. “Coming here, you knew exactly what the price would be. Let’s stop playing games, Ms. Hopper and speak terms instead.”

Yeah, I had known the price all along. However, if he made the demand rather than me offering, I could accuse him of being a bastard rather than call myself a whore for selling my body. With a stiff nod, I downed the glass of brandy. It burned going down, and I couldn’t hold back a cough.

Can’t even handle my damn liquor.

“What are your terms?” I asked, my eyes cast down.

“Six months, anything I want.” His short, sharp tone made it clear there would be no negotiation.

I gaped at him, disbelieving. “Six months? That’s crazy!”

His face hardened. “You’re in serious need of a reality check, little girl. The debt is twelve million credits – that’s two million a month to spread your legs and do what you’re told. Even Minerva, our highest paid escort, doesn’t earn that much. Is your pussy made of gold?”


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