Axel – Review

Axel by Roxanne Greening
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Sons of the Apocalypse MC # 1
by Roxanne Greening
Released December 5th, 2016
Edited on March 22nd, 2017

He’s coming for me and the only safe harbor in sight is in the arms of Axel.
Man whore.
He’s the president of a local MC.
And he’s my Best friends brother.
Betrayal cuts deep. Now I’m running from him and my past. Did I mention I’m pregnant with his twins.

I’m the president of The Sons Of Apocalypse motor cycle club.
I want I Take. That fucking simple. I want Tessa.
She backs down to no one. That’s what drew me to her. Like a moth to his slaughter.
I’m the only one who can keep her safe.
But I broke her heart. Now shes running for her Life and shes carrying my babies.
Someone is trying to lay claim to what’s mine. She’s mine. and no one not even Tessa herself will keep her from me.

Will he find her in time? Will she forgive him for what he did?

Warning this book is meant for a mature audience. contains sexual situations, strong language, death, epic fighting, and torture


Axel is the first book in the Sons of the Apocalypse MC series by Roxanne Greening and the first book that I have read from the author.  I just love a good Motorcycle Club book, especially one with a really bad boy as the main male character!  Often, the main female characters are weak, selfish, or just plain clueless. It was so refreshing to read a book where the main female character, Tessa, is an alpha female, a kick boxer and has no issues standing up for herself.

There are a lot of MC books out there, but I find Axel‘s story line unique and I quickly became engrossed and read this in one sitting! In this story, the club president and his old lady was killed several years ago.  This lead to his son, Axel, a senior in high school, to become the new club president.

Tessa’s mother has to move around a lot for her work and they recently move into town.  She meets Axel and his twin sister Ella on the first day of school.  The sexual tension between Tessa and Axel is pretty thick, but he doesn’t claim her until we discover someone from Tessa’s past threatening her. Tessa, understandably, breaks down and Axel and the MC are there for her.

I adore this story and look forward to reading more in the series!

I watch as he turns his attention from Jesse to Amber “What the fuck are you doing here Amber?” he growls out.

I watch in utter fascination as Amber tries to look coy. “Come on babe, you know what I’m doing here. I thought we could spend some time together,” she whispers seductively. Well, trying to, and failing miserably.

Axel’s eyes shift my way briefly. Then back to Amber’s. “Go the fuck home Amber. I don’t have time for your shit today.” he snaps in a very dark voice.

I watch entranced as Amber blinks a few times, well more like twitches before replying “Come on babe, you know you want to.” she reaches her hand out and caress his chest.

At this point I’m laughing. I elbow Ella “Hey, you got some popcorn? I think I just found my new favorite tv show.” I say loudly.

Without removing her eyes from them. Ella whispers “No, we’ll get some at the store later for next time!” “Ooh, I can’t wait for more of ‘You know you’re a whore when…'” I all but scream while jumping up and down.

Clapping like a two-year old that found a mountain made of chocolate. Mmm, chocolate. I snap back to reality just as Amber storms off  “Well shit. I missed the ending!” I pout.

I’m the mother of two who livies in a beautiful rurel area of West Virginia. I love to read so much so I decided to write. I also love to quilt and make other things like purses. We moved here a year ago from my home state. Where all my books take place. Maine! I also secretly want to be a ninja.

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