Blind Fate – Review

Blind Fate by Regine Abel
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Blind Fate

Veredian Chronicles Book 2

Regine Abel

Release Date: August 25, 2017



Born in a breeding compound, Valena has never known a day of freedom. As a child, her master burned her retinas to prevent her from mind-controlling those who meet her gaze. But she still controls people’s thoughts with a touch. Sold to the Xelix Prime Blood Houses, she is forced to use her ability to keep the other slaves compliant. When Fate places a powerful Counselor in her path, she plots and schemes to use him to escape, until her feelings for him complicate matters.

As her master’s plans take on a darker turn, lies, betrayal, and tragedy threaten any hope she ever held of a better future.

This book is standalone and the sequel to Escaping Fate.



Amount of sex 2.5 / 5
How explicit 2.5 / 5
Story 5 / 5
OVERALL  5 / 5


Blind Fate is the second book in the Veredian Chronicles series by author Regine Abel.  Even though this story does focus mainly on a different couple, the underlining storyline is a continuation of the first story.  Ms. Abel does a fabulous job of beginning the book with a recap for those in need of a refresher. Although to get the best understanding, you really need to read Escaping Fate first.

We met Valena in Escaping Fate working at one of the Blood Houses and I instantly felt compassionate towards her. It felt so wonderful to be back in this world with all my favorite characters that I became engrossed from the start.  The unique and gripping storyline had me growling at my kids when they asked me for dinner! Gah, put the Kindle down?  Never!  Needless to say, my kids received microwave meals while I continued to read. 😉

We also met Zhul in the first book and he was one of the main adversaries. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about him, but I kept reading and OMG… I just love him!  I really wish I had someone to buddy read with me because I want to tell you ALL about the plot, but I won’t.  You just need to trust me and go out and read this series!

It’s simply Marvelous!


Escaping Fate

Veredian Chronicles Book 1

Regine Abel

Release Date: April 14, 2017


Born and raised on a slaver’s ship, Amalia plans to escape before she’s forced to participate in her master’s psi breeding program. She finds refuge on a foreign planet where she meets the cousins Lhor and Khel. Together, they fight against those hunting her down, while attempting to rescue the other victims of her master’s slave ring.

Between her master’s dogged pursuit, deadly rivalries, assassins, and corrupted nobles, can the cousins keep Amalia safe or will their respective feelings for her tear them apart?

This MFM novel is a constant toe-curling, action-packed thriller, and the first book in the Veredian Chronicles series. It is standalone with no cliffhanger.




Amount of sex 3.5 / 5
How explicit 3.5 / 5
Story 4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5


Escaping Fate is a captivating Sci-Fi romance from author Regine Abel.  This story is completely enthralling and I had a difficult time putting down my Kindle!  The characters are complex and well developed and it kept my attention throughout the 450+ page book!

In this story, Amalie escaped the captures who held her prisoner for her whole life. She went to the planet’s Fastening Ceremony in search for a mate.  She hoped to find one to help protect her from those hunting her.  She becomes enchanted to two cousins and has a difficult time selecting, but chooses Khel, the general of the planet’s Army. Lhor was excited for his cousin, but crushed that Amelia did not choose him.

How will Lhor handle living in the same house with both Khel and Amalie?  Can Khel manage his jealousy with Lhor and Amalie’s friendship?

A great story and I definitely recommend!



Losing Amalia

Veredian Chronicles Book 1.5

Regine Abel

Release Date: May 19, 2017



This is not a full-length novel. It is a bonus scene from Escaping Fate, Veredian Chronicles Book 1 told in Lhor’s POV. Please read Escaping Fate first to fully enjoy this bonus scene.

Her sultry voice stirred the embers, deep in my gut, of a fire I had not felt in years. The same powerful connection struck me when our eyes met. My skin tingled and my pulse perked up. Her throat worked and her pupils dilated. She quickly looked away, breaking the bond.





5 hearts!

Losing Amalia is a quick read set in between Escaping Fate (Book 1) and Blind Fate (Book 2) of the Veredian Chronicles by author Regine Abel.  It is not a standalone and must be read after Escaping Fate.

In the first book, the Fastening Ceremony was told from Amalia’s and Khel’s point of view.  In this short story, we are given Lhor’s point of view during the same ceremony.

I love being back in this world and I have fallen even more in love with these characters!  I absolutely recommend reading this series!


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One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Rating Report
Amount of sex
2.5 / 5
How explicit
2.5 / 5
5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5