Brandon: The Son’s Of The Apocalypse MC – Review

Brandon by Roxanne Greening
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Sons of the Apocalypse MC
by Roxanne Greening
Released January 20, 2017

I’m running for my life. The last place I need to be is in the arms of the man who knocked me up. But that’s exactly where I end up.


They’re hunting me. I witnessed something I shouldn’t have and now they want my life to keep their secret.
I’m pregnant and alone.
And there’s only one person who can help me now.
The only safety in sight is my baby’s father, Brandon.
He’s bad, completely bad for me.
I hate him…and maybe I love him a little to.
Which is just another reason this is a bad idea.
My back is against the wall. I’m out of options.
He’s all I got.
Now if I can just keep Brandon from touching me and making me remember.


I had my life mapped out, until Livie came and blew my plans all to pieces.
For weeks I fantasized about a red-haired goddess, and then bam she walks into my life.
Touching her, owning her body was even better than my fantasies.
But it didn’t last.
She hates me and now she’s pregnant with my child.
There are men out there looking for her, they want her and my unborn child dead.
That’s their first mistake.
They scared her.
That’s their second mistake.
They won’t have another chance.
No one, and I mean no one touches what’s mine.
I’ll make them pay and I will make sure Livie knows she’s mine and this time—
She’s not getting away.

With lives on the line, can love survive?

Brandon is the third book in the Sons of the Apocalypse MC series by Roxanne Greening.  This story can be read as a standalone, but I do suggest reading them in order for the best experience. This story begins shortly after the second book with a dual POV between Livie and Brandon.

Livie has had a crush on Brandon, but he is still longs for Ella.  One evening when he was completely wasted, he takes Livie to his bed. He used her, yelled out Ella’s name when climaxing, then sent her off.  Livie feels horrible and doesn’t even tell her best friends about the hook up. Especially, since Brandon doesn’t seem to even remember it! Feeling sad and used, she is shocked to find out she is pregnant with his baby!  What will Brandon say when he finds out?  Will he support her or continue his bad boy whoring ways?

A great third book in the series and was gripping my Kindle tightly as the story progressed!  Looking forward to the next story, Jesse!

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One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
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