Calendar Girl Volume 4

Calendar Girl (Volume 4) by Audrey Carlan
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Calendar Girl
Volume 4
Audrey Carlan
Waterhouse Press
March 18, 2016
Kindle, Paperback, MP3 CD
432 pages

Calendar girl volume 3 had some twists and going into volume 4, I was wondering how everything was going to come together.  I was happy to see that several of the books darker moments in volume 3 were not neglected.  The book spoke of how the characters acted after the events and how they managed recovery. Many other books gloss over the after effects of difficult issues. I was very happy with how Audrey Carlan tied everything up nicely.

Calendar Girl volume 4 consists of October, November, and December which can also be sold separately as each month.




One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
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