Calendar Girl Volume 1

Calendar Girl by Audrey Carlan
Series: Volume 1
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Calendar Girl
Volume 1
Audrey Carlan
Waterhouse Press
September 7, 2015
Kindle, Paperback, MP3 CD

Mia is a 24 year old woman was has always taken care of others first.  Her mother left when she was just 10 year old and her sister 5 years old.  Her father was a drunk so she had to do everything and now she has to pay a bookie a lot of money due to her father's gambling dept...or else. So, she goes to her Aunt, who happens to own an Escort service in Las Vegas. As an escort, Mia devotes 21 days out of a month to each client.

As you read the book, you see she learns a lot about herself.  Wes (Mr. January) falls for Mia and offers her to stay and he will pay off the debt.  Even though she has fallen for Wes as well, she knows she has to do this for herself.  As you read about Mr. February and Mr. see how much Mia is growing and learning about herself. The writing is excellent and I devoured the book staying up late into the night.

Calendar Girl Volume 1 consists of January, February, and March.  Each month can be found separately, if you prefer.

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One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
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