Captive by Samantha Jacobey
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A New Life Book # 1
by Samantha Jacobey
Released March 15th, 2014
Lavish Publishing, LLC

Captive – A New Life Series

To what lengths would you go to break away from a life filled with pain and suffering?

Tori Farrell has lived a dangerous life. When you grow up with a Motorcycle Gang of Mercenaries and Drug Lords like the Dragons, a normal life is more like a fairytale. For years, she accepted her dark reality, a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. In the end, she learned the most valuable lesson: survival.

After years of being ruled by the Dragons, Tori uses her skills of seduction and assassination to free herself from the grasp of the people who vowed they would never let her go. Taken in by the FBI, she fears not everything is what it seems, and soon finds herself lost in a web of lies and deceit. She thought getting away from the Dragons would put her on a path to a new and better life, but now she must face the cold hard truth” there is always a price to be paid.

This book is intended for readers 18+ and contains scenes that may cause distress to some readers: Domestic Abuse, Kidnapping, Rape and Substance Abuse are described in detail.

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I enjoy reading dark romances and Captive, the first book of A New Life series by Samantha Jacobey, caught my eye at this years Carolina Book Fest. I could not wait to find the time to read it and I am so glad that I did!  Captive is so much more than just a dark, suspenseful romance.  The story line is intense and the characters are so complex. I thought it was smart of Ms. Jacobey to write most of the story in past tense. It helped me while I was reading the difficult parts.  I cannot wait to read the second book to find out more about Tori and Eli.

 This story is not for the those who have difficulty reading an emotionally heartbreaking story.

Anyone who knows me could tell you, I am a friendly kind of person, never met a stranger and take up conversations any where at any time. I work hard, and my mind never seems to shut down, as I wake up often in the middle of the night with ideas pouring out and demanding to be dealt with. Of course that means much of my books were written in the middle of the night.

I grew up and still live in the great state of Texas where everything is bigger, where we have warm weather and a central location. I love my state, my town, and my family, which includes my four sons, my significant other, and many friends as well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the books that are currently available and hope you will enjoy reading them just as much. And of course, there will be many more stories to come.

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