Chasing The Dream

Chasing the Dream by Isabelle Peterson
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Chasing the Dream
By Isabelle Peterson
July 16, 2014



Phoebe Fairchild didn’t have a great first year of college. In fact, it stunk! She realized she’d chosen a major, physics, that didn’t suit her. And worse than that, a boyfriend who was a first-class jerk.

When she visited her mother in New York for Spring Break, Phoebe decided that a transfer to a new university, a thousand miles from her current one, and a new major were definitely in order. With a little assistance from her mother’s friend, Jack Stevens, Phoebe worked a transfer to NYU and better still, an internship at a major TV network.

Phoebe moved into her mother’s old apartment, made a new friend, and figured out the Big Apple. But one of her biggest challenge was to be her internship assignment. Working in Public Relations, she had just gotten comfortable with the daily routine when she’s suddenly assigned to be the Personal Assistant to mega star, Chase Smythe. Since she was nine years old, Phoebe had been starry-eyed for the blond haired, blue eyed actor. Her room had been practically wallpapered in Chase Smythe pullouts from the teen magazines.

But Chase Smythe wasn’t the charming, sexy actor on TV and in the movies he starred in. He was still as good looking as ever, but seemed that over the years, stardom had jaded him. In real life, Chase was full of himself, lazy and left a path of destruction in his wake that had been well concealed by his former ‘handlers.’ Now it was Phoebe’s job to rein him in.

Nonetheless, there is a spark. Phoebe was warned to not cave into his charms, as fake as they are, but there’s more than just his charm. There’s chemistry. Is it real? Or is it an act? Will Chase let Phoebe in to see the real person, not the just TV personality? Did she even stand a chance with him? Especially as she faced new challenges herself? Or was being with Chase just a dream?

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Chasing the Dream is the third novel in the Dream Series by Isabelle Peterson and is Phoebe and Chase’s story.  We were introduced to Phoebe in the first and second novels as Beth’s daughter.  She visits her mom in NYC during her spring break in order to look at transferring schools.  Chasing the Dream begins as Phoebe moves into her mothers old apartment and begins her internship at a local broadcasting station.  She is assigned to be the assistant to the famous actor Chase Smythe while he is in New York filming.  At first Chase sees Phoebe as a challenge then he falls for her.  Phoebe wants to believe he is serious about her, but is having a difficult time.  She is also keeping a secret and becomes, understandingly, very emotional through out the book.

I really love Chasing the Dream and especially loved Chase, my new book boyfriend!  It was wonderful to see him grow throughout the book.  He started out as an obnoxious, entitled actor and grew to be the most supportive man.   I often talked to my Kindle trying to tell Phoebe to just trust Chase and talk to him.  Although, she is 19 years old with a lot on her plate.  I wish I can tell you all the incredible things about Chase, but you just need to read to find out.

I do feel that it is important to read this series in order to get the full understanding of the story.  There were several parts in this book relating to Beth & Jack as well as Kevin.  To find out more information about all 6 Dream Series books by Isabelle Peterson, please refer to my previous post here.

 Isabelle Peterson is a Chicago suburbs girl living in Connecticut enjoying

days in New York City. Her Dream Series was never intended to exist.

Thanks to a couple authors who dared her to a write book (when she

typically wrote screenplays), we got the book Ditching the Dream, which

then evolved into the Dream Series. It didn’t take more than 8 months to

complete the dare from rough draft to published novel, although several

times Isabelle had to rescue the draft from the Deleted file.

If it weren’t for a dare–we would have never gotten the chance to venture

the world of the Dream Series.

When she’s not writing, Isabelle loves coffee, cocktails and wine—and not

always in that order. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves to cook for

her family. She’s the wife of a wonderful husband, mother of two musical

teens and one fur baby, a 9 pound shih tzu.

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