Cocky Bastard

Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland
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Cocky Bastard
Penelope Ward, Vi Keeland
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August 15, 2015
Kindle, Paperback, Audible, MP3 CD

In my opinion, Cocky Bastard is told in 2 parts.  The first part of the book is told in Aubrey's POV and the second in Chase's POV.  The first part is when Aubrey and Chase get to know one another.  They meet by chance on a road trip to California. The sexual tension, and laughs just make the first part of the book.

Then, the second part of the book totally switches vibes.  I really wished both characters would have opened up and be honest with each other in the first part of the book.  The second part is more frustrating, heartbreaking, and emotional. I did love that Chase never gave up and continued to be there for prove he loves her.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book....especially Pixy the Goat. It will make you laugh so hard!



One StarOne StarOne Star
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