Coming First: The Woman First Chronicles Book 1 – Review

Coming First by Francine Scott
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Title: Coming First: The Woman First Chronicles Book 1

Series: The Woman First Chronicles
Author: Francine Scott
Genre: Erotica
Release date: June 8, 2016


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The morning Jane Cunningham arrived back in Scotland in the summer of 1997, she could hardly have been aware of the changes that had taken place in her five year absence and just how much her consistent approach to marital relations now differed to that of her closest friends. If Jane had the slightest notion of what they were doing, she would have been hard pressed not to judge. It was however, the morning after the most devastating day of her life, a day in which she had lost everything. At no other time was she more ready to accept the possibilities to emerge from her homecoming. Upon her introduction to aggression-release therapy, she finally began to accept her place amongst friends. As the reality took hold, Jane discovered a realm of feminized, cuckolded husbands, servitors, principal lovers, even stud harems, all devoted unconditionally to the fulfilment of women coming first. The satisfying, orderly, polyandrous lives of her friends didn’t seem fair to Jane but gradually she perceived the natural leadership skills women possess and the absolute power of female sexuality. It was thanks to Amanda’s genius, Claire’s authority and Kate’s generous donation that Jane’s enduring longing and ultimate wish might yet be realized. With countless misplaced orgasms to be rediscovered, it was the sheer joy of being a woman of which Jane was to be reminded and men undoubtedly envied.

Jen here with an interesting addition Coming First: The Woman First Chronicles Book 1. The book is about 4 women in the United Kingdom in 1997 and tells the story of the collective idea of the Woman First Institute. The story is told mostly from multiple points-of-view of the four women:  Jane, Kate, Amanda, and Claire; however, there are times the story is taking from the point-of-view of the men they encounter and are involved with.

I say this is an interesting read because it definitely is a not a light read.  It is very intellectual, and being an American, I had to sometimes think about what they were saying as it is written in a British vernacular. The book follows these bright accomplished women as they explore the idea of living with men who are “feminized, cuckolded husbands, servitors, principal lovers” and part of “stud harems, all devoted unconditionally to the fulfillment of women coming first.” The book starts out a little slow on the erotic side – a lot of flashes of panties and stockings, but the latter half of the book more than makes up for the lack of spice in the beginning.  I recommend skipping the Extracts in the beginning as I found without the context of the story, it was hard to follow what was going on.

The descriptions of the program the men go through to be part of the Woman First community and the women studying their male subjects are very detailed. While in the beginning, two of the husbands are already living their roles in servitude to their women, it is with Kate’s husband, Vincent, we get a deep look into his initiation into the program. The last sections of the book is told from the beginning of Vincent learning, participating, and eventual enjoyment of the program. The reader gets an in-depth look at what living the life-style of woman first is all about from servitude to erotic pleasure for these four women.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, but it took a while to get into it. It is definitely heavy sex, fetish, and very explicit, but the story was difficult to follow at times which influenced my overall rating. I was glad I waited to get to the middle as the excitement was plentiful.

Born in 1960, Francine Scott’s journey has been far-reaching and wide-ranging. In a life of passion and a career that has embraced roles within military service, conservation, fashion and business, it is her writing and content provision to the rag trade and e-commerce for which she might otherwise be known. Francine’s transformative occurrences with the Woman First Institute have led to her appointment as writer-in-residence. Now a matter of experience, the vivid accuracy of her work, like the characters of her story, is awkwardly close to real events. In getting to the truth, she has sought to shelter the anonymity of some very genuine identities. In a life devoted to the events she recounts, Francine lives in a remote, country cottage where, to say she is lucky in love would be putting it mildly. It is from this divine Shangri-La where she is currently at work, putting together the second volume of the Woman First Chronicles.

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