Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul by Kitty Thomas
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Dark Night of the Soul
Kitty Thomas
Dark Erotica
Burlesque Press
July 14, 2015
Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

Those of you that are familiar with the Author Kitty Thomas knows that she writes mainly dark erotica. With that in mind, this is a dark romance which is rooted in a dystopian, BDSM world. There are times when I am in the mood for something dark and really naughty, those of you looking for the same....this is the book for you!!

The concept of this books is very unique.  The world consists of 1,000 hours of day and then 1,000 hours of night.  During the day hours everyone is safe from the vampires.  During the night hours, every human has to secure their houses to prevent any vampire from getting in.

Helene is a woman who is getting tired of her life, and the only thing keeping her going...is her love for her sister.  So, when her sister realizes that she does not have enough medicine to cover the 1,000 hours of darkness, Helene runs out to get it.  Helene knows that it is only a slim chance she will be able to get the medicine and be back before darkness arrives, but she goes anyways.  Helene gets caught and brought to the King of the darkness, Gabriel.

Gabriel is taken with Helene and wants her to be his servant. All she has to do is call him 'Master' and she will be spared.  Helene stands up to Gabriel as she has given up hope of living.

Note, this is not your typical HEA book. If you enjoy reading dark romance, this is a great book and I highly recommend it!


"It never occurred to me to ask him to stop-to seek mercy or reprieve-because his whip was the reprieve. It was the reprieve from unpunished guilt, from numbness, from the death I'd thought I wanted."






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