Dark Rooms – Review

Dark Rooms by Sionna Fox
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Dark Rooms
By Sionna Fox
Released: July 27th, 2017
Boroughs Publishing Group




Women beg Wes Oliver to dominate them in darkness. In the light, he’s finally getting his life back on track. College is priority number one—until he finds his new professor is the delicious Sub who ran out on him last weekend, a brilliant and mature beauty nothing like the girls who usually kneel before him. Suddenly, this is no longer just about pleasure. This is about his heart.

Aimee Eastman has rules. Rules for herself. Rules for her college photography students. Rules for the partners she submits to at private BDSM house parties. Then the hot young Dom who topped her last weekend walks into her classroom and all boundaries fly out the window—or would if she could just give up control. Like she wants. Like she needs. Then she and Wes might share forever.







Amount of sex 3.5 / 5
How explicit 3 / 5
BDSM/Fetish 2 / 5
Story 4.5 / 5
Overall: 4 / 5

Dark Rooms is a steamy student/teacher romance from author Sionna Fox.  In this story, Wesley has recently moved into town and attending a new BDSM party.  He is recently out of a relationship and trying to get his life back on track.   As a twenty-four years old college freshman, he has already planned out his next 3 ½ years.  The first semester, he schedules an intro to photography class for his art credit.  He was not expecting to see Aimee, his sub from the new BDSM party.   What will happen between Wes and Aimee?  Will he drop her class and affect his planned schedule?

I enjoyed Ms. Fox’s twist on the student/teacher romance.  The sex scenes were on the milder side, but still steamy.  There was a lot of drama and angst, which kept my attention. I thought Wes could have been a stronger Dom as I wanted him to take more action. Although, I totally understood Aimee’s concerns and issues. A fun read and a definite add to your TBR list!


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One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Rating Report
Amount of sex
3.5 / 5
How explicit
3.5 / 5
Amount of BDSM/Fetish
2 / 5
4 / 5
Overall: 4 / 5