December 15, 2017 Friday’s 5 Fine Deals – Books for 99 cents

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We are scouring to find you great deals on books! Every Friday we will list a few books 99 cents* that are not Kindle Unlimited Books!  If the book is from one of our featured Authors, their names will link you to their author pages.


Here are this week’s Friday Fine Deals Books for 99 cents*:

*Reflects the price when the post was created (usually the day before)

Enamor by [Larsen, Veronica]

Enamor by Veronica Larsen

A hundred miles from my problems, I’ve found a new one just down the hall.

My gorgeous and conceited new roommate is exactly the type of guy who ruined my life. Hating him should be easy, but it’s not. We fight and tease, playing a game we can’t win. And when all pretenses fall away, he shows me a side to him I can’t ignore.

He’s guarded for a reason and he’s never let anyone in…until now.

With this reckless game we play, there’s one truth we can’t escape. We’re treading the edge of an attraction so intense it might as well be a grenade.



Flagger (Red Bird Trail Trilogy Book 1) by [Briscoe, Laramie]

Flagger (Red Bird Trail Trilogy Book 1) by Laramie Briscoe

Fast Cars
Broken homes
Vulnerable hearts

Cash Montgomery likes fast cars, fast women, and living his life only as far as he can see with his own two eyes. There are very few people in his life who he answers to. One of them being his little brother Remington (Remy). When Cash and Remy are forced to make a life-changing decision they no longer have a place to live, no idea where their next meal is going to come from, or any prospects as to how they will make it. They need help. That help comes in the form of the Heaven Hill MC and Harper Stillwell. Harper Stillwell comes with her own set of problems, but when she and Cash Montgomery meet, sparks fly. None of them know what they’re doing, where they will end up, or how they’ll get there. The only thing they know is that the race for their lives is only beginning–the flag is waving–and they have to hang on for the ride.


Check out  Laramine Briscoe’s New Book Ace- A Moonshine Taskforce series novel


Owned by the Bastard (The Soldiers of Wrath MC, 1) (The Soldiers of Wrath MC Series) by [Snow, Jenika, Crescent, Sam]

Owned by the Bastard (The Soldiers of Wrath MC, 1) by Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow 

Demon, the President of The Soldiers of Wrath MC, is a vicious bastard, a heartless killer, and has no regrets about any of the violent things he does in life. It is how he survives, and how he keeps his club and his men safe. Deanna Monte has stayed in the life of her drug addicted, low-life father since her mother passed away. She may hate her dad, but after her mother’s dying wish for Deanna to not give up on him, she knows she can’t walk away. When Deanna is given to Demon as payment for her father’s debt, she fights with everything inside of her and refuses to submit. But she’s never met a man like Demon, a cruel man that is big and powerful and can take her life as easily as he breathes. She shouldn’t want him the way she does, not after he takes her away from her life, refusing to let her go, and tells her that she is his now.

But she does, and that frightens her most of all.

Warning: This title does contain explicit adult themes.




Christmas with the Billionaire: A Holiday Rom-Com by [Monroe, Lila ]

Christmas with the Billionaire by Lila Monroe

Spice up the holiday season with the steamy new holiday novella from Lila Monroe.

Dressing up as a sexy elf to sing Christmas hits isn’t exactly the glittering Broadway career I had planned. The only thing more humiliating than my outfit is coming face-to-face with Oliver Gage, the sexy big-shot theatre producer who just crushed my dreams. He’s arrogant, infuriating… and did I mention how sexy he is?

I’ve sworn never to get comfy on the casting couch, but when we’re snowed in together upstate, it’s looking like a pretty good place to spend the night. Soon, sparks – and my panties – are flying.

Who said Christmas only had to come once a year?



A Week in New York (The Empire State Series Book 1) by [Bay, Louise]A Week in New York by Louise Bay

USA Today bestselling series.

Anna Kirby is sick of dating. She’s tired of heartbreak. Despite being smart, sexy, and funny, she’s a magnet for men who don’t deserve her. A week’s vacation in New York is the ultimate distraction from her most recent break-up, as well as a great place to meet a stranger and have some summer fun. But to protect her still-bruised heart, fun comes with rules. There will be no sharing stories, no swapping numbers, and no real names. Just one night of uncomplicated fun.

Super-successful serial seducer Ethan Scott has some rules of his own. He doesn’t date, he doesn’t stay the night, and he doesn’t make any promises. It should be a match made in heaven. But rules are made to be broken.

A Week in New York is the first in a series of three novellas. Part Two – AUTUMN IN LONDON – and Part Three New Year in Manhattan are out now.

For fans of Fifty Shade of Grey and the Crossfire Series.