Desire Rising

Desire Rising by Elizabeth Shore
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Desire Rising
By Elizabeth Shore
April 29, 2016
The Wild Rose Press, Inc

desire rising

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An arranged marriage to a wealthy and titled landowner should have been a dream for Lucy Kirkby but ends in a nightmare that could leave her falsely accused of murder. She flees to the safety of a family friend and like a phoenix rising from ashes, sheds her innocence. Emerging as savvy and sophisticated Catherine Sheffield, she is a woman who keeps her liaisons purely physical and her heart closely guarded.

Lord Miles Hawkins once knew love…and it nearly killed him. Yet he’s enthralled with the beautiful stranger he encounters at a ball, and a tour of the balcony turns into a heated promise to meet again. Passion ignites an affair with the sultry Catherine, one he’s confident will serve his physical needs while keeping his emotions at bay.

When an urgent summons threatens her identity, Catherine must choose between saving a life and sharing her secret with Miles, possibly losing him forever. It shouldn’t matter…except desire rising has resulted in matters of the heart.


By Guest Reviewer SE: Lucy Underhill is in an arranged marriage to a wealthy and titled landowner whose family connections have strong authority in rural Kingsbridge, England.  What was expected to be a harmonious marriage quickly turned out to be a nightmare for Lucy.  One evening, as per usual, things got out of control when John Underhill came home completely intoxicated.  In the matter of a few minutes, Lucy’s attempts to put a stop to John’s advances ends in a nightmare that could leave her falsely accused of murder. Lucy knew there was only one true friend she could turn to for help and she flees to the safety of Audrey in bustling London, England.  Under a new identity, refined Catherine Sheffield emerges and becomes a woman who keeps her relationships with men purely physical and never lets her heart get in the way.

Miles Hawkins appears and there is much mystery behind him.  Catherine is intrigued by Miles and after a heated encounter, she knows she wants to see him again.  Keeping things strictly physical quickly starts to become confusing for Catherine. She realizes that she wants to spend a lot of time with Miles, but is this becoming more than the physical relationship she needs?

Miles has dark secrets of his own from a past that Catherine knows nothing about and the arraignment of a strictly physical relationship suits him just fine, in the beginning. Both develop feelings for the other and neither are able to open up about their pasts in fear of being hurt again.

Catherine receives word that a very close friend from her past may be handed over to the Underhill’s in the same manner as she was so many years ago and has to make a decision.  Does she choose between losing her new identity in hopes of saving a long-time friend or do nothing to keep herself safe?  If she chooses to save her beloved friend from some of the horrors she faced as part of the Underhill family, she will have to share her secret with Miles and possibly lose him forever.

What will she do?  Does Miles have the feelings for Catherine that not only will keep them together, but also unite them against her past?



elizabeth shore

There’s nothing better to me than a great yarn. All I need to hear is, “You’re never going to believe what just happened!” and instantly, I’m hooked.

Storytelling to me is as natural as breathing, and I can’t see myself ever not doing it. Writing historical and contemporary erotic romance is one of my great passions (pun intended!). I love tortured heroes, smart, sexy heroines, and conflicts that seem unresolvable. As for my personal biography, like most of us I have several eclectic interests.

One thing that really fuels my emotions is art. I absolutely love Renaissance as well as Baroque art and can easily spend hours on end in museums luxuriating in the beauty of a Raphael or Caravaggio (just to name a few). I’ve highlighted some favorites in my Inspiration page – please stop by for a look.

The flip side of the coin is my edgier side. I love tattoos, funky jewelry, walking on a pair of 4 inch heels while rockin’ out to Metallica or Mozart (love ’em both!). I have a weakness for handbags, but I also like sports and can be perfectly happy pounding on the glass like a crazed fan at a hockey game. It’s a great way to let loose.

Like most writers, I love to read, and my tastes vary from romance (hot, steamy, or scorching), to drama, to thrillers and horror. I am a HUGE fan of Stephen King and have been ever since I read the opening pages of Carrie way back in the seventh grade. One of my all-time favorite movies is A Room With A View, but I also love getting scared while curling up on the couch with a spooky episode of The Walking Dead.

I’m also passionate about animals. Our three cats, Stanzi, Claire, and Reni, make me smile each and every day. I feel protective of them and all wildlife and nature in general. The tattoo on my left arm is of my beautiful departed kitty, Holly. RIP, sweet girl. Gone but never forgotten.

Lastly, I love hearing from readers! Feel free to leave comments here on the website and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. You can also follow me at , Twitter (@renaissance11) or read my blog on Lady Smut.




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