Desire by Charlotte Byrd
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Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance # 1
Charlotte Byrd
Wild Huckleberry
August 31, 2015
38 pages

Desire is a super short first book in a 3 book series.  Desire spent most of the 38 pages laying the ground work for the story.  I felt like the author should have just put them all together as one, but that is just my opinion.

Emma is a student at college and agrees to go to an off campus party with her friend Delilah. The party is at the Big Bear MC and she starts talking to a member named Kyle. Kyle happens to be the brother of Jack, who is in her English class.  Emma has been fantasizing about Jack and it seems Jack is interested in her too.

Emma decides to leave the party early and Kyle walks her home and asks her on a date.  She agrees, but the problem is she keeps thinking of Jack.  Jack keeps thinking about Emma too, but he has a girlfriend.  We are left not knowing who Emma will choose...Jack or Kyle.



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One StarOne StarOne Star
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