Dirty CEO – Review

Dirty CEO by Holly Dodd, Mickey Miller
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Dirty CEO by Mickey Miller
and Holly Dodd

Genre: Bad Boy Mafia/Contemporary
Series: Windy City Bad Boys #1
Publication Date: March 14, 2017

LaRosa and MacNamara are two names that don’t belong in the same breath. Not unless you want bullets flying through the air, and blood on the floor.

I’m sick of the death and fighting. All that violence? Yeah, I might love it, but it’s not good for my bottom line. With Kelly MacNamara’s influence, my money, and our fake relationship, the decades-long feud between her family, and mine is coming to an end.
I just hadn’t expected to become addicted to Kelly’s tight little body, come hither eyes, and scorching kisses. She might be a wanna-be actress, but the heat between us is all too real.
As the only daughter of an Irish bigwig, I’m expected to follow in my father’s footsteps, and take over the family business. But I don’t want this life. I have California dreams and a shoestring budget. Truth was, I had zero chance of changing my life. Until Vince LaRosa offered me an out.

His plan? Pose as his girlfriend, smooth over the tension between the Italians and Irish, and then I’ll head west to start over with a nice little nest egg compliments of the man himself.
It didn’t seem like a big deal to fake it for a few months. He’s ruthless as hell and panty-dropping hot. I thought I could handle him and the passion between us. But I was wrong.
Now, not only is my family in jeopardy from Vince’s ruthless strategies but so is my heart.
This bad boy mafia romance is a standalone novel in an interconnected series.




What a blazing hot story!  I love it!

Dirty CEO, co-written by Mickey Miller and Holly Dodd, is a fabulous first book in a new series called Windy City Bad Boys.  Let me tell you… the boys are bad and I was melting as I read this book!  Dirty CEO has a similar story line as Romeo and Juliet with dueling families within Chicago… MacNamara (The Irish mob) and LaRosa (The Italian mafia).  Kelly MacNamara, the mob boss’s daughter, just returned to Chicago from Notre Dame after earning her Masters in accounting.  Vince LaRosa, the boss for the Italian mafia, used to be good friends with Kelly and even kissed her once in high school under the bleachers. Hearing Kelly is back, Vince goes to visit her at Kelly’s, the family’s bar.  When they see each other, the sparks fly!

Even though their families are constantly fighting, Vince insists that she meet him that Friday night and kisses her in the dark alley, almost getting caught!  Kelly lies to her father and meets Vince that Friday night at the theatre.  Their chemistry is off the charts as they come up with the idea to try and encourage peace between the two families by dating.   Dirty CEO is a blazing hot story and I could not put my Kindle down!  Vince is such a bad boy and I absolutely love him!

A definite One Click Read!



Holly and Mickey, through a series of coincidences that could rival even a romance novel, found out that they write strikingly well together. Holly takes the day shift and Mickey takes the night shift as they blend their styles together to create a unique contemporary style.
But seriously…the have a ton of fun using their hivemind to craft sexy, twisty, and dirty stories for you to enjoy. The Windy City Bad Boys is their first series together, but not their last.
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