The Endless Autumn – Review

The Endless Autumn by Annabelle Knight
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The Endless Autumn
By: Annabelle Knight
Release Date: March 30th, 2017
Austin Macauley Publishers



Autumn thought she had everything: a gorgeous stud of a boyfriend, a practical if unexciting PA job at Thorne PR, a savvy best friend, and a soon-to-be earned journalism diploma.

But things in her perfectly constructed world shift when Autumn discovers a life shattering secret.

Needing to change her life drastically Autumn meets a mysterious and sexy stranger who could be the solution to her problems.

Autumn is thrown into a luxurious new world. One that is powered by high flyers, fantasies and carnal desires. How will she escape? Or, does this new world hold the key to her own fulfilment?

Annabelle Knight’s debut novel The Endless Autumn is a sizzling, steamy and sexually sinister story of how a girl next door, unwittingly – but perhaps not unwillingly – explores the fringes of desire and release.



The Endless Autumn is an erotic coming-of-age story written by author Annabelle Knight. This story is Ms. Knights debut novel and it was a departure from my usual erotic novels.  Usually, the novels that I read tend to focus on two or more individuals, but The Endless Autumn focuses on only one… Autumn.  The storyline was unique and the characters complex.

In this story, Autumn is living and dating Ben, who is an up and coming actor.  He has been so busy trying to make a name for himself, that Autumn thinks the worst. She makes mistake after mistake and is fired from her job.  She then takes advantage of a new job, without knowing all the details. She finds herself working at Encounters, where she realizes she is more than just a party planner.  The scenes are explicit, but unlike other BDSM books, the story focuses on Autumn and her experiences, not a couple.

Throughout the book, Autumn is very narcissistic and even when something has nothing to do with her, she finds a way to relate it to herself.  There were times I had a difficult time liking Autumn, but I did enjoy how she grew throughout the story.


Now it was Autumn’s turn to be confused. Had she booked the rest of the week off? She couldn’t think why, or what for. Autumn looked at him puzzled, then picked up her phone and checked her work calendar, week starting twenty-fifth of November. Leonardo was right, she’d booked the twenty-sixth, seventh and eighth off, but why?

“Fuck!” she blurted out loudly, startling Leonardo with the sheer volume of her voice. He looked affronted at her use of language. He didn’t care for swearing, or any type of vulgar behaviour. He was surprisingly prudish and how he managed to work for Encounters remained a mystery to all who knew him. “I’ve got to go,” she cried, grabbing wildly for her belongings, and hastily slipping her shoes back on. She ran out of the door leaving Leo­nardo staring after her, totally perplexed by her sudden outburst. She ran through the maze-like building, descending down to the car park as quickly as she could, given the sluggish lift systems that the Encounters Event’s building employed.

Autumn drove off in a blind panic. How on earth had she forgotten, how could she have been so occupied with sex-crazed rich people that she forgot about the one thing she’d been working towards for so long? She had her final exam this coming Friday. Her deadline for her coursework was the same day, Autumn’s heart raced. She’d thought many times how she could just give it all up and work at Encounters for the rest of her life, but when genuinely faced with the prospect of failing she knew that she just couldn’t let that happen. The thought of not having the opportunity to go into journalism made her feel sick, but she’d been so preoccupied with so many other things – Ben, Rosa, the accident, her new job, and David’s engagement – that her own dreams had taken a back seat, so much so that she’d clean forgotten about them. How could she be so stupid? How could she have allowed this to happen? Why hadn’t her parents reminded her?

She drove faster now, foot pressed firmly to the floor, the speedometer creeping up on her little red car. She swerved round a tight corner and headed for the motorway. She needed to get back home as fast as humanly possible.

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