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Enforced Rules by Hanleigh Bradley
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Enforced Rules
Rules Series # 2
By Hanleigh Bradley
Release Date: February 8th, 2016



Landon doesn’t understand how a girl he barely knows could possibly get under his skin when he’s managed to keep all the rest at arms lengths. His world seems to be unravelling and fast; what with his mother’s revelations over lunch and his father’s insistence that he take over the family business.

Landon is at a loss what to do about any of it.
Her ability to make his rules seem completely irrelevant terrifies him, especially when he rashly invites her to his parents’ house for dinner and he accidentally allows her to see more than he would like. He doesn’t do vulnerable and that’s exactly what she makes him; weak and completely at her mercy.

With control out of his reach though he might just push to enforce the rules between himself and Aurora in a desperate attempt to reclaim the control he craves. After all, he told Aurora he would help her break her rules but he hadn’t planned on it being at the expense of his own. But will his need for control prove too much for Aurora.





Enforced Rules is the second book in the rules series and it is completely captivating!  If you have taken some time off between books, Ms. Bradley does a great job of reminding us what occurred in the first book.  Although, to fully understand and appreciate, I believe it’s best to read Broken Rules first before beginning this one.

In this story, Landon and Aurora are both coming to terms with their feelings and the effects of breaking their rules.  They are trying to make their relationship work when more family drama occurs. I enjoyed reading more about Landon and Aurora’s siblings and wonder if anything will happen between them.  (I hope so!)

 The sex scenes are smoking hot and I love how assertive Aurora has become!  I just love this series and can’t wait to read the next book!



Broken Rules
Rules Series # 1
By Hanleigh Bradley
Release Date: September 12th, 2015



Peoples’ expectations can make you or break you. Aurora Stone knows what it’s like to be raised under heavy expectations. From an early age, her parents’ laid the law down and she’d never strayed off the path that they had laid before her. She kept every rule they ever gave her and for every rule she broke, she felt immense guilt whilst her little sister made it her life’s mission to break the rules.

“Everyone calls me perfect; the perfect daughter, the perfect student, the perfect friend, practically perfect in every way, I might as well be fricking Mary Poppins. I was brought up on a list of rules and I don’t remember the last time I broke one…”
Don’t drink to excess and never get drunk. Don’t do drugs, not even just to try it, just don’t do it. Don’t lie, never cheat on a test. Always be the best, get the best results, be competitive but be generous and gracious. Don’t do anything that might put you in danger. Work hard, be selfless. Don’t dress inappropriately; only wear skirts that fall below the knee. No piercings and definitely no tattoos. Don’t gamble. Do charity work. Go to church, sing in the choir, find yourself a nice Christian boy and settle down, get married, have children, and above all else never ever have sex outside of wedlock. The list of rules seems endless. Aurora decides on a night out with her friends that she wants to break the rules, so when she sees Landon sat at the bar watching her, she makes a split second decision that might just change her life, one broken rule at a time.

When Landon offers to help her break the rules, he doesn’t expect her to break his rules too.

Aurora Stone knows what it means to keep the rules. She’s lived with the expectations of the people around her. The only person whose expectations aren’t met? Hers. On the spur of the moment, Aurora decides to break the rules. Only the list seems endless and Aurora is a little overwhelmed by it. When she sees Landon sat at the bar watching her, she makes a split second decision that might just change her life, one broken rule at a time. The list of broken rules quickly exceeds the number of rules they keep as they embark on this whirl wind adventure of control and chaos.



Broken Rules is the first book in the Rules series by Author Hanleigh Bradley and the first that I have read from the author.  As the title suggests, this book is all about rules.  Aurora has always been the good girl and follows every rule that her parents set.  She now lives in an apartment with her two friends and she starts questioning her life.  Aurora decides she’s old enough to do what she wants and begins the mission to break each of her parent’s rules.

Landon is a playboy and has a set of rules that he follows, but for a different reason. He created those rules to prevent any of his conquests from getting attached to him.  So, when they meet at a bar, not only do her rules get broken, but so does his.

I really love this steamy novel and can’t wait to read the next in the series, Enforcing Rules! A definite add to your TBR list!



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