Erased – Review

Erased by Sansa Rayne
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by Sansa Rayne

Release Date: April 26, 2017


Alone at a bar, recently fired from my job and about to move, no one will notice that I’ve gone missing, and my abductors know it. Smuggled to a secluded facility in the mountains, locked in a cell and stripped of my dignity, they’ve threatened me with a fate worse than death. They aim to break my will. They plan to erase me.

My captors are vicious monsters, except for one: the doctor, Gabriel. He urges me to accept their control and spare myself months, or even years, of pain and torment. Yet his merciful demeanor hides a dark, burning secret. Smoldering and mysterious, I’m drawn to him and his talk of submission. He may be my best shot at escape, but I hunger for far more.

With Gabriel’s help, the others will pay for what they’ve done to me. They wanted a toy, but they’ve woken a terror…


If I’d known the truth about Halloran Asylum, I would have burned it to the ground long ago. Now I’m an accessory to unspeakable crimes, and no one will ever believe my story. For years I made peace with fate, but after a violent episode pushes me to the edge, I swore never to let them harm anyone else. Now they’ve taken another, and I can’t let it go.

I need to make Marla understand her strength and resolve will only cause her greater suffering. At first, training her is just a way of buying time, but her response to my touch, my command, drives me wild. I have to have her, but standing in my way is a horrid truth that could cost me her trust. If that happens, we’ll both be lost, trapped in this place forever.

I don’t care. I’ll risk everything for Marla, even if it means letting out the beast within…

Publisher’s note: “Erased” is a dark, romantic thriller with erotic content, no cliffhangers, no cheating and a HEA. It contains material some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

Amount of sex 4 / 5
How explicit 5 / 5
BDSM/Fetish 5 / 5
Story 4 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5

Holy S_ _ t!  

Erased is a seriously dark and psychologically thrilling book…. and I absolutely LOVED every minute of it!

Author Sansa Rayne wrote a fabulous book that often messed with my mind and I devoured it in one sitting!  I wanted to read faster to find out what happened next, but also struggled as I did not want it to end. The storyline is unique and well-paced and the characters are well-developed and complex.  

I decided that I am not going into the plot as I think it’s best to begin this story without any spoilers or hints of what is to come.  I do believe that this is a must read for all those who love dark romances/psychological thriller!

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One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Rating Report
Amount of sex
4 / 5
How explicit
5 / 5
Amount of BDSM/Fetish
5 / 5
4 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5