Eternal Heat

Eternal Heat by J.L. White
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Eternal Heat
Firework Girls # 3
J.L. White
Velvet Pen Books

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They call us the Firework Girls.

I’m Ashley. Music is like my secret lover. It flows through my soul and caresses the deepest, most tender parts of me. Just like he did … before he broke my heart.

Erik Williams was everything to me. My first love. My only true love. I thought I’d gotten over what happened our senior year in high school… until he shows up as a fellow graduate student at Hartman College. Now he’s not just back in my life, making me remember things I’d rather forget, he’s my biggest competitor.

Because nobody plays piano the way Erik does. Not even me. That big competition coming up? The one that could land me in Lincoln Center, you know, the Lincoln Center? The competition that could mean big things for my life’s dream? He’s going for it, too.

But that’s not the worst thing. Not at all. The worst thing is Erik Williams trying to work his way back into my heart. Again.

I can’t let that happen. I won’t. Not after what he did, all those years ago…


Eternal Heat, which is the third novel in the Firework Girls series by J.L. White, tells the story of Ashley and Erik.  Ashley is starting her second year as a graduate student at Hartman College.  As she prepares to audition for an upcoming competition, she hears the Professor call out the name of the next student.  She is stunned to see it is her ex-boyfriend, Erik, who she has not seen or heard from in 5 years.  Erik is also stunned to see Ashley as they did not part on good terms.

Ms. White takes us back 5 years to how they met, fell in love, and ultimately broke up.  It really helped me understand why Ashley is so quiet, studious, and so taken with the piano.  I just loved this story and was heartbroken by what occurred to them both.  I loved how it ended and absolutely recommend this series to anyone who loves a touching story filled with lot of emotions.


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J.L. White writes steamy romances featuring smart, sexy women and the swoon-worthy men who adore them. Her sexy love stories are full of passion but don’t skimp on the tenderness.

She’s addicted to trendy coffee houses, poolside lounging, and HEAs. When not tapping blissfully away on her laptop, she takes time to enjoy life with her husband and their children.

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