Feels Like a Dream

Feels Like a Dream by Isabelle Peterson
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Feels Like a Dream
Dream Series # 5
By Isabelle Peterson


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Like most men, Kevin Parker had always dated women his age or younger. Then after dating an older woman for a couple of weeks (now just a good friend, Elizabeth—Beth—Fairchild), Kevin developed a new perspective on love and romance. With his newfound insight, Shelby O’Sullivan catches Kevin’s eye. Confident. Funny. Beautiful. Getting to know her, he quickly realized that she is the woman of his dreams.

Nine years older than Kevin, a history of less than amazing boyfriends, and a health history she feels is tarnished, Shelby O’Sullivan has avoided falling in love over the past several years. She doesn’t want to fall for Kevin’s southern charms and sinful good looks, but soon finds herself doing just that.

Is their romance a dream come true or a nightmare in the making?

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Feels Like a Dream is the 5th book in the Dream Series by Isabella Peterson and is Kevin and Shelby’s story.  I fell for Kevin in the first book, Ditching the Dream.  I adored his compassion and maturity for his age, but agreed that Kevin was not a perfect match for Beth.  I loved how he was protective of Phoebe, Beth’s daughter, and I looked forward to him finding his soul mate.

Shelby has been through a lot in her life with health issues as well as bad memories from past boyfriends.  This has lead her to have a lot of insecurities.  Kevin was so wonderful with Shelby, he was patient and understanding…. I fell for him even more!

I was so engrossed in reading Feels Like a Dream, that I forgot some scenes, which were mentioned in book 4, Unexpected Dreams.  Ms Peterson does a wonderful job of writing and with so much emotions.  I feel very connected to all of the characters and look forward to finding out what happens next!

This novel can be read by itself, but I truly feel that you will get the best experience by reading the whole series in order.

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Isabelle Peterson Photo

Isabelle Peterson is a Chicago suburbs girl living in Connecticut enjoying

days in New York City. Her Dream Series was never intended to exist.

Thanks to a couple authors who dared her to a write book (when she

typically wrote screenplays), we got the book Ditching the Dream, which

then evolved into the Dream Series. It didn’t take more than 8 months to

complete the dare from rough draft to published novel, although several

times Isabelle had to rescue the draft from the Deleted file.

If it weren’t for a dare–we would have never gotten the chance to venture

the world of the Dream Series.

When she’s not writing, Isabelle loves coffee, cocktails and wine—and not

always in that order. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and loves to cook for

her family. She’s the wife of a wonderful husband, mother of two musical

teens and one fur baby, a 9 pound shih tzu.

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