Hot Blooded Prizefighter

Hot Blooded Prizefighter by Holly Dodd, Mickey Miller
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Hot Blooded Prizefighter

Windy City Bad Boys Book 2

Author: Mickey Miller & Holly Dodd

Release Day: May 16th


I’m the king of trash talking, but this time my mouth has signed a check I’m not sure I can cash. Now, I’m fighting in the biggest publicized spectacle, with a chance at a massive payday. I have two months to make this work and prove that I’m the true world champion.

Except, my handlers think I need refinement. You can’t fix perfection, but that doesn’t stop my new style coach from trying. Crystal Lawson is set on keeping our relationship platonic, but I can see the lust in her eyes and feel the craving in her touch. We’re supposed to keep this professional, but I f*cking love a challenge. I might be an animal in the ring, but I am a beast in bed. Before our time is through, she’s going to be screaming my name.


I should have walked away. My sanity isn’t worth being secluded on a remote island with a barbarian. I should be having the time of my life. I’m doing the job of my dreams, surrounded by the best fighters MMA has to offer and gorgeous beaches.

There’s just one problem; Connor McGrath. The arrogant and sexy-as-hell Irish fighter tests my every nerve. I hate him for dragging me into this situation. But every time I see him, I long to trace his tattoos and lick his abs. I’m stuck in paradise with him for sixty days with no way out, and a runaway libido.

As the nights grow hotter, and the chemistry between us threatens to erupt, I can’t help but wonder if beauty ever tamed the beast.

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Hot Blooded Prizefighter is the second book in the Windy City Bad Boys series by Mickey Miller and Holly Dodd and a complete standalone. Each book features a different couple and even though it’s not required, I do recommend reading Dirty CEO, the first in the series… as I really do loved the story!

Hot Blooded Prizefighter features Connor McGrath, an MMA fighter who has difficulty controlling his anger.  His manager hopes Connor will further his career if the public views him in a more positive and less aggressive light.  So, his manager hires an image consultant, Crystal Lawson, to help clean up his appearance.

Connor begins to train on Easter Island, sixty days before his next big fight against his nemesis, El Toro.  Crystal is required to stay near Connor to make sure he doesn’t get into any more trouble.  Will Crystal be able to keep Connor out of trouble and fight her attraction to him? Can Connor concentrate on training and not be distracted by Crystal? 

A fun and sexy book and a definite add to your TBR list!

One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
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