Incubus’ Lust – Review

Incubus' Lust by Adele Huxley
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Incubus’ Lust
The Incubus Trilogy Book 1
By Adele Huxley
Published October 3rd, 2017


Two rules guide my life:
#1 – Never trust men.
#2 – Avoid intimacy like the plague.

I trusted these rules to keep me safe for a long time, until I took a job as a personal assistant to the owner of a sex club. At first, I only did it to keep an eye on my friend who insisted on working there. Then I started to bend the rules…
Just when I think I might be able to rise above my mountain of emotional baggage, a group of masked men attack the club, searching for me. A darkness has returned from my past, threatening to consume me once again. Not only is Xander wrapped up in it all, he might be my only chance for safety. I’ve always prided myself on being strong. Is it bad I want to lean on him?

Every day is a struggle to control the lust inside. Two rules help me stay sane:
#1 – Only feed when absolutely necessary.
#2 – Never feed from the same woman twice.

I desperately cling to the idea that through sheer willpower, I can live and love as a normal man. An incubus with a conscience. Ha. I have to wonder how long my grip can last, especially with her around. Like a ghost from my past, Maisie haunts my every thought. Is she my chance at redemption? Or another test I’m doomed to fail?
I have to keep her safe… especially from myself.
But really, how bad would one taste be?

Previously published as A Wicked Desire




Amount of sex 3.5 / 5
How explicit 3.5 / 5
Story 4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5



Incubus’ Lust is a steamy and captivating story from author Adele Huxley.  I am still attempting to recover after reading this delicious book.  Forewarning, it does have a cliffhanger, but there is no need to fret.  The second and third books are already available!

I have to say that the title is very accurate in describing the story!  And it wasn’t just because of the sex scenes.  The desire and sexual tension between Xander and Maisie were off the charts hot! The thought the characters had a lot of depth and I especially connected to Maisie.  I also loved Xander’s brother Rian!  He made me laugh out loud so many times, and my husband was looking at me strangely!

Highly recommend this fabulous story and btw, you will need a spare pair of undies.








Adele Huxley writes romantic suspense, thrillers, and lots of other things that make your heart race. With a BA in creative writing, Adele has been writing her entire life. She loves to travel, has lived in several countries and states, and splits her time between the US and the UK.
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
Rating Report
Amount of sex
3.5 / 5
How explicit
3.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5