Jake Undone

Jake Undone by Penelope Ward
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Jake Undone
Jake # 1
Penelope Ward
Amazon Digital Services LLC
October 19, 2013
Kindle, Paperback, Audible, MP3 CD

Jake Undone is a story about Nina, who is afraid of everything, moving to NY to go to nursing school.  She moves into a friend's apartment with other roommates, one being Jake.

Jake is this hot tattooed, lip pierced, smart, yummy guy with a secret from his past.  They start to become friends as he helps tutor her in math as well as help her with her fears.

I loved all the little things Jake did to express his feelings to her...like the origami.  There are some twists and turns as the story goes. Enjoy the ride!




One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
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