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Lena's Security by BSM Stoneking
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Lena’s Security
By BSM Stoneking
Released Feb 1st, 2014



Lena will never admit to her friend Amy that she is secretly envious of her. She wants what Amy has, a loving husband, and two wonderful children, but she’s got to catch someone’s eye first.
Lena has her eyes set on both of the security guards at her job, but she can’t find the courage to ask either of them out. There’s no way those two, stone-chiseled men don’t have a girlfriend.
After realizing Lena likes both of them, one of the security guards catches her in compromising position. The thought of how much trouble Lena could get into and possibly lose her job brings one word to his mind, blackmail.

This erotic short story is an ADULTS ONLY read!


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Amount of sex 4 / 5
How explicit 4.5 / 5
Story 4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5

Holy $h!t!

My Kindle is smoking, and I think I need a cigarette!  Phew!

Lena’s Security is one extremely hot and naughty story!  If you are looking for a short book to read late at night, or when the kids are at school, this is it for you!

I need to warn you! You will be holding your tablet with only one hand and it is essential to have a spare pair of panties nearby!

FYI, when you are finished with this deliciously naughty story, I bet you are going to one-click Lena’s Security, day 2 like I did!



BSM Stoneking is the hottest new author on the supernatural erotica scene. Her series, The Vampires Ange De La Mort has earned rave reviews from authors and readers alike. The erotic scenes in this book are well known, but the storyline is unforgettable!

As a dog groomer by day and erotic romance author by night, BSM Stoneking has found success with both of her passions. While spending her days tending to the beautification needs of four-legged friends, BSM would often get lost in thought, creating stories and characters that would one day be put on best-selling paper.

A resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Stoneking has developed a strong fan following and has been named on Amazon’s Best Seller list. By dabbling in supernatural and erotic romance, Stoneking has received rave reviews, including: “BSM is blessed with an innate ability to weave an imaginative web, capturing readers with her tempting words.”

Arguably, the only thing better than her written stories of love is her own personal love story. Stoneking has been with her husband since they were 16 years old and they remain madly in love to this day. While they were engaged at 16, they did not get married until they were 21. She is known for her: love of glitter and outgoing, bubbly personality with a smile that lights up a room.

Stoneking writes professionally as well as personally, as she keeps a dream journal for the things she’d like to experience in her life. “What I like about the dream journal is, you get to put all your dreams on paper even if you don’t believe they will ever happen. It’s just dreams, but that doesn’t make them unrealistic, and I’ve actually checked a lot of my dreams off,” says Stoneking. She’s accomplished many of her dreams, including: riding in a hot air balloon, seeing George Strait in concert, going skydiving, and writing a book (now multiple books).

Her next move in the writing process is to complete her third installment of the series “The Vampires Ange De La Mort.” Her latest release “Capture’s Temperance” is still getting a lot of action on Amazon, and was named one of the Best Books of 2016. Stoneking has recently been working the book signing circuit and may be coming soon to a city near you!


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One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
Rating Report
Amount of sex
4 / 5
How explicit
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5