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Luca by Sarah Castille
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Ruin & Revenge # 2
By Sarah Castille
Released June 27th, 2017


Luca Rizzoli was nearly destroyed by a brutal betrayal that cost him his family. Now a ruthless crime boss in the city of sin, he lets nothing touch his frozen heart–until a smoldering encounter with a beautiful stranger ignites his passion. One night isn’t enough for a man who takes what he wants, but his mysterious temptress has slipped away.

For two years police detective Gabrielle Fawkes has lived for revenge. But a night of indulgence with a sexy stranger changes everything. Powerful, charming, and deliciously dangerous Luca, has his own private reasons for offering to help her pursue the drug lord who killed her husband. There’s a lot Luca isn’t telling her and the more she finds out the less she wants to know.

When Gabrielle becomes the target of the drug lord she has vowed to hunt down, she must do the unimaginable: place her life in a mobster’s hands. To save her, Luca must break his Mafia ties–or risk losing Gabrielle forever.




Luca is the second book in the Ruin & Revenge series by Sarah Castille. Before you begin Luca, I recommend you read Nico, the first in the series. I just love Nico and I think it will give you a good foundation to truly appreciate Luca.

Ms. Castille did a fabulous job of setting up the characters in the first book.  I began Luca already respecting the characters and couldn’t wait to read their story!  The book begins in a hospital room after Luca was shot.  (btw – I just love how he got all dressed up, refusing to wear the hospital gown.)  Anyways, since the hospital was busy, they brought in another gunshot victim to stay in the same room. Gabrielle is a police detective although, Luca is not aware of this.  While healing from their wounds, Gaby and Luca begin to talk and they form a bond.  What will happen when Luca finds out what Gaby does for a living?  What will Gaby do when Luca is threatened?

Another fabulous story by Sarah Castille!  The characters are so well developed and I was drawn into the story line. I absolutely recommend this series!


Ruin & Revenge # 1
By Sarah Castille
Released December 6th, 2016


Las Vegas Mafia boss Nico Toscani is used to getting what he wants, whether it is having the City of Sin under his rule or a beautiful woman in his bed. But when he meets his match in the gorgeous, headstrong Mia Cordano, the daughter of a rival crime lord, all bets are off . . . Sexy computer hacker Mia struggles to break free of her ruthless father’s Mafia ties . . . but she can’t resist the powerful and seductive Nico, who will stop at nothing to possess her. With their families locked in a brutal war for control of the city, Mia and Nico enter into a forbidden game. Will they surrender to the passion that burns between them and risk tearing apart their families? Or will Nico be forced to betray the only woman who sets his blood on fire?



I just love Nico!

I have a weakness for strong, demanding, and powerful alpha males. The kind you wouldn’t think twice when they make demands. Well, Nico Toscani is that kind of man and I find him completely yummy! Mia Cordano is the daughter of the rival mob boss and she is not the typical mob princess. She is strong willed and continues to fight for what she believes in. Mia and Nico are not supposed to associate with each other, but their connection is sizzling! What will happen when both families begin to fight? Will Nico and Mia walk away from each other and follow their families demands or fight for their relationship?

Nico is the first book in Sarah Castille’s new series Ruin & Revenge. The characters are well developed and I was drawn into the story line. Not only do I love powerful alpha male, but I love reading a story with a strong-willed woman. Mia fought for what she believed in and I love her for that.

A wonderful story! A definite #OneClick story!


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Ruin & Revenge # 3
By Sarah Castille
Release Date January 2nd, 2018



Mafia enforcer Rocco De Lucchi is the best in the business.

Cold, hard, and utterly ruthless, Rocco is the most dangerous of men. Feelings are a luxury he cannot afford—until a chance encounter brings him face to face with the only woman who found her way into his heart and touched his soul.

Grace Mantini has spent her whole life running from the mob. The daughter of the boss’s right-hand man, she is both a prize and a target. When Rocco walks back into her life, she wants nothing to do with the man who betrayed her and broke her heart. But only Rocco can protect her from the dangerous forces that seek to destroy her family. Can they escape the hands of fate closing around them? Or will love be the kiss of death for them both?




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