Maid for Majesty – Review

Maid for Majesty by AJ Phoenix
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Title: Maid for Majesty: Forbidden Fruit

Series: Maid for Majesty
Author: AJ Phoenix
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance


 #1 International Best Seller in Historical Erotica!

“The King’s love is fickle;

he’s gorgeous, intelligent and has power beyond the average man.

He doesn’t have to be kind.

He can give a glance or a smile and women will fall to their knees.

Being by his side makes you the most powerful woman in the world. But the moment he tires of you, or you become an inconvenience, you are nothing, no one.

I’ve heard of his reputation. He has left a trail of shattered hearts across Europe.If there will ever be a woman to win his heart, they’ll need to know his mind first…”

When cunning servant Madeline Black helps her mistress throw a party, she meets King Alexander, a seductive royal who can’t keep his eyes off her. Then, she is sold by her mistress and whisked away to Buckingham Palace to be a royal servant.

Though she knows his reputation and tries to focus on her duties, she constantly finds herself in his presence. Unable to resist, she is soon succumbing to her desires in every corner of Windsor and Buckingham.

But, as Napoleon moves across Europe, Princess Sofia of Spain takes refuge at Windsor and the pressure for Alex to marry her is high. Nonetheless, they continue to sneak around to enjoy the pleasures of their trysts. Despite their need for each other, can their relationship survive the society they live in?

WARNING:This book contains frequent sex scenes and graphic language. If you would like the non-graphic version go here


What goes on between a king and his servant is very naughty in Maid for Majesty!

Jen here reviewing Maid for Majesty: Forbidden Fruit., the very hot and steamy book by AJ Phoenix. I  really enjoy historical fiction, but I have not read much historical romance. I had to get past the historical inaccuracies such as language and  that there was no King Alexander on the English Throne (It was the George III), but once I did I really enjoyed the story of King Alex and Madeline Black.  There is plenty of mystery that is intriguing as you peel away Madeline’s story about her sale into servitude by her actor father and unknown aspects of her noble mother (who has long been gone).

King Alex and Madeline breakdown cultural and sexual barriers that are considered obscene during this period of time (yes, Alex and Madeline really get into IT). Their enjoyment of each other is never truly hindered despite not being able to overcome the social status that divides them.  The author does a wonderful job of painting the picture of the period, the parties, the residences, and the class differences. I also very much enjoyed the sub-characters Princess Sofia, Greg, Tilly, and Marie.  The canvas on which the story is painted is rich, but not overwhelming.  There is also plenty of details into the love life of Alex and Madeline.For the erotic reader, this book is very satisfying. This is definitely a panty melting read. Despite being fairly long, this book does have a cliffhanger. I am looking forward the reading the next two books in the series!

Amount of sex 5 / 5
How explicit 5 / 5
BDSM/Fetish 1 / 5
Romance 5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5


AJ Phoenix

AJ Phoenix is the author of the #1 Best Selling Historical Erotica series Maid for Majesty, and lives on the shores of the Great Lakes in Canada.

Her writing is not inspired by real life events. If such events did ever happen to her, her books would never have been written.

You can contact AJ and join her mailing list to find out about her latest releases at WEBSITE



One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Rating Report
Amount of sex
5 / 5
How explicit
5 / 5
Amount of BDSM/Fetish
1 / 5
5 / 5
Overall: 5 / 5