Mercy – Review

Mercy by Debra Anastasia
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Title: Mercy
Author: Debra Anastasia
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 21, 2017
He taught me to kill. Murder is in my blood now. It runs
through my veins and though I hide the monster I see in the mirror with ink, it
doesn’t keep him from coming out.
My street name is Mercy, but I never show any. Except
 her. I watch Becca, though she doesn’t know. She saved
me a long time ago; the day my father killed my mother. Her bravery turned her
into a target.
My father holds a grudge and knife with the same
proficiency, and Becca is the focus of his hatred. And I’m the only monster who
can save her.
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Mercy is a dark/gritty romance with lots of twists and turns. This story moves slow at times, but not in a painful way. Like a roller coaster, the story quickly picks up and has us gripping our eBooks, then beg for more.

In this story, Becca works as a bartender/waitress at a bar called Memes. Her mother encourages her to look for a good man, but all she wants is to find someone that makes her happy. Fenix (Nix, Mercy) has not forgotten Becca after she saved him years ago. Nix has had a very rough childhood and thinking of Becca, helped him through the difficult days.

Becca’s bar is having a three day ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration and Nix decides to go to the bar without covering his tattoo. Their chemistry is off the charts and all is well until someone tries to hurt her.

Can Nix save her? Will she understand all that he has done to ensure her safety?



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One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
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