Midnight Ryde – Review

Midnight Ryde by Melissa Merit
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Midnight Ryde: A Bad Boy MC Romance
Melissa Merit
Released March 19th, 2017

I won’t stop until I own every inch of her body.

Sara’s a sweet girl, an innocent young thing who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

She’s too pure. A girl like her doesn’t belong with a hard, tattooed biker like me. There’s too much blood on my hands, too much ripped muscle in my body that doesn’t belong anywhere near her.

But I protected her because I couldn’t resist her, and now my rival MC wants us both dead. She’s in this too deep to get out.

Now the only place for her is on the back of my bike, and the only place I want to be is deep inside her. I want her on her knees and begging.

I’m claiming her as mine. And any f*cker standing in my way is going to end up dead in the dust trail behind my tires.

But when the dust settles, I don’t want to let her go.

No matter the cost.

A stand alone novel with a HEA!


Midnight Ryde is a bad boy Motorcycle Club (MC) romance and debut novel from author Melissa Merit.  MC romances and alpha males are both weaknesses of mine and I couldn’t wait to begin reading.

In this novel, Sara went with her friend, Haley, to a biker bar to meet Haley’s new “boyfriend” James.  She then introduced Sara to James’s MC president, Tyler.  Sara was not interested in Tyler, but was trying to be nice and began talking to him as Haley and James walked off.  Before she knew it, Sara was in trouble and thankfully Ryder, the MC president to a rival club, was walking by and helped her.  What will happen when Tyler’s MC faces off with Ryder’s MC?  Will Sara and Ryder be safe again?

Midnight Ryde’s story line was like other stories that I have read, but with more grit.  I enjoyed the story, but only had an issue with Ryder.  In my opinion, domination is more than just punishing a partner for not obeying commands, which he seemed to do a lot. Although, Ryder certainly did pleasure Sara and there were some steamy and naughty scenes. I loved how Ryder continually asked Sara if she wanted to continue and she certainly enjoyed being punished!

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I am an author who loves writing about bad boys and the girls they love. HEAs are always guaranteed! When not penning a new book I love exploring the outdoors in my home state of Colorado on foot and by bike.

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