Never Expected Love – Review

Never Expected Love by S.M. Stryker
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Never Expected Love: Never Expected Love Duet # 1
Second Chances Series # 4
S.M. Stryker
November 13th, 2015


Richard Stone devoted his life to work and family. When his parents died tragically, the life he’d known came crashing down, causing him to spiral out of control. That is until the postcard came.

Nicole House was graduating college when the unthinkable happened. Brutally attacked, her life was forever changed. Leaving her family, dream job and the only life she knew behind, she moved, hoping she could escape her attacker and she shame that fateful night left her with.

Two people who Never Expected Love are brought together

But will the demons secrets and fears of their past stop them from their future?


Never Forgotten Love – Beckett and Harlow’s Story
Loving Redemption – Mitchell and Raven’s Story
Anchored To Love – Carson and Charlie’s Story
Never Expected Love – Richard and Nicole’s Story
Sacrifice Of Love – Richard and Nicole’s conclusion


*****THIS IS BOOK ONE OF A TWO BOOK SERIES…Some would consider this having a cliffhanger*****

This book is in a series of it’s own with the conclusion Sacrifice to Love being released on December 20th, 2015.





Amount of sex 2.5 / 5
How explicit 2.5 / 5
Story 4 / 5
Overall: 3.5 / 5


Never Expected Love is the fourth book in the Second Chance series by author S.M. Stryker.  This is the first book that I have read in the series, and I had no difficulties with following along.  Just so you know, the story does end on a cliffhanger and continues in the next book, Sacrifice of Love.

Never Expected Love is the love story between Richard and Nicole, as well as Beckett and Harlow.  For those that want to know Harlow’s backstory, I recommend reading from the beginning of the series.  Just know that it’s not necessary.

Never Expected Love is written in the first person and told from Richard’s POV.   Everyone has their preferences, and I am not a big fan of writing in the first person. Although, I did enjoy the story written from the male’s POV.  Most stories are told in a dual POV or solely from the female’s view.

The main characters, Richard and Nicole, are both in their 40’s, which I love!  Their age results in an accelerated love story, which I liked.  At this age, I’m 45 years old, you kind of know what you want and don’t. Richard and Nicole had a palpable love story, and it will be fun to see what happens to them next!


SM Stryker, writes adult contemporary and Romance suspense Novels. Growing up in a small country town, SM Stryker escaped from her home after years of abuse, running from a depraved life into another heart-breaking situation as she tried to find her place in the world.

She believed that things happen for a reason and knew that one day she would understand why. She finally found her solace when she met her husband and was blessed with her four daughters.

Although she never thought of becoming an author, she knew her life story could help others that had gone through the same abuse she had.

In April of 2014, she sat down in front of her computer and started to write. Through many tears, she wrote her first book, Stolen Innocence. She wrote Stolen Innocence as a way to exercise the demons of her past.

She has shared more of the events of her life in many of her other books.


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One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
Rating Report
Amount of sex
2.5 / 5
How explicit
2.5 / 5
4 / 5
Overall: 3.5 / 5