Red by T.L. Smith
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Black # 2
T. L. Smith
Amazon Digital Services LLC
April 3, 2016
Kindle, Paperback
213 pages

Red is a continuation of Black, by T.L. Smith. This book starts five years after the big scene from book 1. I enjoyed finding out how Rose and Liam were doing. Rose is such a strong woman, even with her nightmares from Book 1. I was frustrated at times with Liam, but it was understandable due to his situation. I liked the scenes with the kids, especially little Liam. I also enjoyed Jake, Liam's best friends, who stays with Rose to protect her and the family. I am looking forward to Jake's book, which I envision will be another dark one.

Some parts are definitely dark in this book, but it does have a HEA. T.L. Smith takes you on a journey through your emotions... happy and sad, angry and elated and I really enjoyed it all.

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