The Anatomy of Jane

The Anatomy of Jane by Amelia LeFay
Series: WJM Book # 1
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The Anatomy of Jane
Amelia LeFay
May 31st, 2016
Self Published
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I’ve always been on my own. My life used to consist of nothing but work, keeping Allen out of trouble, and if I had time, sleep. Then I became their maid.


Every day more than half a million people tune in to watch my show. They trust me. I know it’s because I’m the only son of the prominent Emerson family. However, I like to believe it because I’m honest no matter what story I report on. I’m honest about everything but the man I’ve been f**king for the last four years… and now her.


I want three things: First, Maxwell Emerson and Jane Chapman both in my bed. Second, to be the best bloody chef in the country. Third, to figure out how to simultaneously get the first and second things I want without any of us getting hurt.



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I just love everything about The Anatomy of Jane.  There was drama, suspense, love, fighting, BDSM, and hot hot blazing sex.  Wow, I’m still trying to fan myself off.  Phew!

Maxwell and Wesley have been lovers living together for 4 years.  Maxwell is a successful TV anchor for a prominent news station as well as the son of the former Governor (his Father) and current sitting Senator (his Mother).  Wesley is one of the best chefs in the country and owns several restaurants.  You can tell how happy they are together and how much love they have.  Even so, Maxwell has not come out to his family yet and keeps their relationship private.

Jane has lived a rough life.  Things have not been easy for her.  She quit her job as a bartender/manager at an adult entertainment club.  The boss, and her only friend, borrowed $210,000 from a loan shark claiming Jane as co-owner.  To make some money, she begins to clean houses…her first being Maxwell and Wesley’s.  So what happens….she catches them going at it and surprisingly it turns her on.

I can’t tell you enough how hot this book was.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys BDSM as well as MM, MMF, and MFM scenes.

Amelia LeFay is a character of my own imagination. She’s a single woman in her mid twenties in love with sex. Dirty sex, rough sex, sex of any type. She’s not a whore or a slut. She believes a woman should be aloud to sexually express herself anyway she wishes.

She stands for Gay Rights, Women’s Rights, the rights of Minorities, and Environmental protection.

She can be a bitch but doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that.

She has uneven boobs, stretch marks on her ass, astigmatism, and thighs that rub together as she walks. (Which means no pair of jeans last as long as she wishes they would.)

But most importantly Amelia is a Dreamer…she has dreams so big it scares even her, because if she fails…if she can’t make it…she feels like nothing.

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