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Toying with Her by Prescott Lane
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Toying with Her by Prescott Lane
Release Date: August 17th
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Toying with Her, an all-new standalone from Prescott Lane is available NOW!!!


Toying with Her, an all-new standalone from Prescott Lane is available NOW!!!

It’s said you never forget your first.

She was my childhood best friend. We were inseparable. We kept each other’s secrets and grew up knowing we would always be there for one another.

In the most devastating moment of our lives, we shared our grief–and found comfort in each other’s arms. Somehow, the worst day became the best night.

And then she left.

I’ve never forgotten her. I’ve tried but couldn’t. My only consolation is the memory of one perfect night.

Now, ten years later she walks back into my life, a grown, gorgeous woman and I’m ready for a second chance.

The look in her eyes says I’m still what she wants, now I have to convince her to trust me with her heart. I’ll never allow anyone to toy with her again.

I know she still loves me, because true love never dies.

Amount of sex 4.5 / 5
How explicit 4.5 / 5
Story 4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5

So what do you do if the only guy to make you orgasm was the guy you lost your virginity to? Well, you invent the world’s great and best selling vibrator. This is exactly what Sterling has done and made herself lonely in the process as men feel they either can’t compete with her toy or her money or are just freeloaders.

Sterling heads home for the summer to vacation with her parents in Alabama. She very quickly reconnects with the chubby guy, Rorke, who gave her that mind blowing start, only now he is a hot and sexy English teacher/farm hand on his family farm. Yup, think lots of nice scenes of work on the farm.

Toying with Her was lots of fun, but had a serious side of a woman dealing with the stigma of inventing a great sex toy. Despite her success, her hometown is less than accepting of how she’s done it. Women sneer and say nasty things to her and men think she’s just a sex toy herself and not worthy of respect. Rorke, of course, doesn’t fall into this type of man, but it puts a strain on him to see the impact it has on Sterling. The impact on Sterling’s work makes this book stand out not just as a fun romance, but the realities of one’s life choices and consequences. It would have been very easy to make Sterling’s success all wonderful and without issue, I’m impressed the author didn’t go that way.

There is a lot of sizzle between Sterling and Rorke with many panty melting scenes (yay)! Now my only nagging thought is where does one get Sterling’s great invention?

I know exactly where I want this kiss to go now. We don’t even have to move from this spot. I can take her right up against the door. My lips hover over hers, her chest rising and falling, my cock hard as a rock and pressed against her stomach. The warmth between her legs calls to me, and I bend my knees, pushing into her. She grinds right back.

“Just a kiss,” I whisper, unsure whether I’m telling myself or her.

We never just had a kiss. We went from kissing to sex in the same breath. And while I want her naked in my bed, I want her for more than one night this time, more than just this summer. I want that more. I’m not going to make it easy for her to dismiss me, dismiss this as a one-night stand or a summer fling.

I’m not going to make it easy for her to leave me. I’m going to make it damn near impossible.

Winding my hand in her long brown hair, I lower my head, letting my breath tickle the skin of her neck. Her body trembling, gently I trail kisses up her neck, letting my tongue linger ever so slightly. She tries turning her head down to me, desperate for my lips, but I grip her hair a little tighter, controlling the moment.

“Rorke,” she begs breathlessly.

I know she’s used to being in control. Hell, the woman is responsible for more orgasms than any man could ever be. Lifting my head to look in her eyes, I say, “I know you’re used to being in control of your pleasure. But that ends right now. When you need an orgasm, I’ll provide it. When you want a kiss, I’m your man. You may be the woman on top, but I’m the man holding you up there.”


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Rating Report
Amount of sex
4.5 / 5
How explicit
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5