Truth or Dare – Review

Truth or Dare by L.A. Cotton
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 Truth or Dare

Liar Liar #2

by l. a. cotton

 Release Date: May 25th, 2017

Genre: Mature YA

The concluding book in Becca and Evan’s story is LIVE!!!

Escaping to Credence was supposed to be Becca’s shot at a new life, but some secrets refuse to stay hidden, and now that the truth is out, everything changes.


The people she thought she could trust lied. The guy she thought cared about her kept her in the dark. And with no one to turn to, Becca finds it hard to unravel the truth. When she finally does, her past and present collide in a way no one saw coming.

The truth can hurt you … Some dares will destroy you.



I have been excited for Truth or Dare, the second book in the Liar Liar series, to be released. I absolutely loved the first book and couldn’t wait to figure out more pieces to the puzzle that Ms. Cotton weaved us.  Don’t forget… before beginning this story, make sure you read Liar Liar first!  For those that read it months ago… no worries, Ms. Cotton does a fabulous job of reminding us where we left off.

I was immediately absorbed in the story from the first page. The story line is complex, unique and well-paced.  The characters have so much depth and are so well developed.  As soon as I thought I figured something out… nope. Ms. Cotton twisted us into another direction.

I love Evan and he is officially my new book boyfriend!  {Although, I must tell you.  My son’s name is Evan, which makes the romance scenes a little difficult for me. So, in my head, I call him Ethan. It makes it easier with the steamy scenes with Ella!} Okay, back to (Cough) Ethan/Evan. He is so incredible that I could probably write this whole review just of him! Sigh…

Ella is so strong and I admire her. She has been through a lot and I probably would have done the same as her.

A Must Read Series and one of my favorites for 2017!

Start the series with:

Liar Liar

by L.A. Cotton
Liar, Liar #1
Publication Date: November 22, 2016
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance


For eighteen-year-old Becca Torrence, the chance to finish high school in a new town, where no one knows her or the secrets of that night, should be a dream come true. But when the first day of school rolls around, something is wrong.

Instead of being greeted with warm smiles and reassuring hellos, Becca finds herself on the receiving end of icy stares and cruel whispers. Putting it down to her status as an outsider, she holds her head high, because they can’t know.

They can’t.

Can they?

Determined to make her new life in Credence work, Becca is willing to do whatever it takes to fit in. Even if it means losing herself in the process.

A white lie can save you … Too many lies will break you.

Holy $hit!  What a rush!

Have you ever heard of Sam Kinison, the comedian who liked to scream?  (If not, you should check it out.) Anyways, that was me, screaming!  I felt as if I was on an intense rollercoaster, with my fingers gripping my Kindle with white knuckles.  I didn’t realize that Liar Lair by L.A. Cotton was a cliffhanger and on that last page… I was like the comedian.   AHHHHHHHH!

The characters are so complex, I was constantly thrown a twist and had to contemplate the character’s integrity. I was drawn to Evan’s mystery and hope he and Becca have their HEA. The plot is spellbinding with so much drama and angst!

I can tell you honestly, that I am f’ing glad I don’t live in that town with Kendall!

I am in dire need of the second book, Truth or Dare, and I need it… like now!





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L.A is an author of contemporary romance novels ranging from sweet with just a hint of steam, to suspenseful reads full of angst, tension, twists, and turns. Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time mum to two little people with writing. In her spare time (and when she’s not camped out in front of the laptop) you’ll most likely find L. A immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life.

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