Unbecoming A Man

Unbecoming A Man by M.T. Miles
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Unbecoming A Man

M.T. Miles

Release date: December 14, 2016


Haunted by a brutal childhood; Claire flees the USA, intent upon an Australian adventure.
Rendered vulnerable, by a man who claims to love her, Claire must fight for her own survival and that of her son. Snared in a web of corporate deceit her security rests in the hands of a husband, who harbours a secret, unbecoming a man.
Corrupted and opportunistic, a real estate mogul falls in love with his personal assistant. Desperate to survive, amidst the catastrophe of corporate collapse, he threatens to expose her to the risk of deportation. It is a miscalculation that drives her into the arms of another man. A mistake he will regret for the rest of his life.
Enthral to his pious mother and wary of his father, a young man’s prowess as a footballer offers shelter from his struggle with adolescence. When injury intervenes, it precipitates a crisis of identity. A chance meeting with a precocious young woman leads to an impulsive marriage proposal. The marital bed offers no sanctuary for a man besieged by his femininity.
In the crucible of Claire’s conscience, her lover’s vulnerability and her necessity forge a reluctant Domme.

Hi Jen here reviewing Unbecoming A Man.  This is a gritty book dealing with Claire running away from her rough childhood by moving from Nebraska to Australia. In Australia, Claire gets involved with a powerful (but a bit shady) business man, Murray. She is clearly attracted to his charm and power, but he keeps using her for her discretion in business rather than giving her the affection she wants.  Then she meets Glen.  He is sweet and kind. What Claire doesn’t know is Glen is wearing a secret under his clothes.

Unbecoming is engaging and well written, with a clear emphasis on character development and story. While the book deals with what might be taboo subject of cross-dressing or transgenderism, it takes a while to get there. Glen and Claire don’t meet until almost half-way through the book and once the met their combined story picks up a quick pace.

What I really liked about the book was how flawed the characters where.  Claire, although the heroine, is not really very nice.  She wants what she wants both in the bedroom and from the men in her life. The way Claire becomes and executes being dominate is not very nice and is very manipulative towards Glen in an emotional way (no physical harm). This is a book to read for the story not as erotica.

As he approached, Murray softly cleared his throat. Instinctively, Claire sat bolt upright. He stood leaning over her shoulder. The office was quiet and his masculine scent beguiling. Every intoxicating breath left her lingering upon the precipice of lust. Suddenly, the atmosphere seemed uncomfortably warm, his proximity, titillating and frustrating, in equal measure. Surely her desire was obvious. How could he remain so cool?
Claire was tired, far too tired to fight the welling attraction. He loitered while she stood to collect a draft from her printer. Claire decided to take matters into her own hands and make the first move. She made sure to brush her hip against his sinewy forearm. The electricity set her a tingle. If screwing the boss was so wrong, why did his touch feel so right?
Abruptly, he seized her, forcing his lips against hers. It was a long erotic kiss and when it ended, Claire swallowed hard. Oh how she wanted to tame him, to dig her nails into his chest while he bucked like a rodeo bull beneath her.
He rubbed his hands over the polyester of her fitted blouse, massaging her breasts until her nipples threatened to rupture the lace of her bra. Her chest heaved at his touch, oxygen was in short supply.
His right hand leisurely unzipped her pale pink skirt allowing it to fall away to the plush grey carpet below. Slowly, metrically, he caressed her buttocks and upper thigh, before swiftly slipping his hand beneath the white mesh of her panties. His palm greeted her glistening pubis with a touch that burned like a furnace. His fingers penetrated her, first one and then two gliding rhythmically between her swollen lips and over her moistening clit.
“Oh God.” she moaned, frantically peeling away at his clothes.
He lifted her, placing her rump upon the crowded desk, sending a pile of papers scattering as he did so.
They were naked from the waist down and she sensed her exposure. God, what if someone hears? What if someone sees? Her anxiety dissolved the moment he entered her. Claire crossed her calves, forcing his pelvis toward her as their rhythm accelerated. She gasped with pleasured pain as time and again his manhood pressed hard against her cervix. No man had ever driven her to such exquisite ecstasy. White knuckled, Claire gripped the desk, stifling a blissful yelp as she clung desperately to her climax. Time lost all meaning as multiple orgasms lifted her from the desk and transported her to another world.

M.T. Miles

M.T. Miles lives downunder, loves family, friends, good wine, great books, dogs and cats.

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