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Unforgiven by Willow Winters
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Willow Winters

Sins and Secret Series

Release Date: June 19, 2017

The sins of his past can’t be forgiven.

Mason Thatcher gave me chills when I first laid eyes on him. The good kind. The kind that makes your body ache and your heart hammer.

What’s better is that he looked at me the same way.
There was a hunger in his eyes that wouldn’t be sated, and a confidence in his stride that told me I could never run from him. Back then, I didn’t want to.

It’s not fair that his touch eased my pain.
That his lips on mine made my worries vanish.
That his love gave me a reason to breathe again.

With him, I felt complete, as if fate had given me a second chance.

Then I learned the truth: the sins and secrets of what really brought us together.

I knew it was too good to be true, but I could never have imagined he’d be capable of something so cold and cruel. That he was the reason my world crumbled.

There’s no way we can go back to what we once had and it’s not as easy as walking away. He can’t risk me telling his secrets.

I don’t know what choices I have or how I’ll survive this.

What he’s done is unforgivable, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to let me go.

Unforgiven is the second book in the new series, Sins and Secret Series of Duets by Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Willow Winters. It is book 2 of a 2 book duet although other standalone duets will be featured in the series. It is not necessary, but highly recommended that you read book 1, Imperfect, before reading Unforgiven.

Amount of sex 3 / 5
How explicit 4 / 5
Story 4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5

I admit I picked this book purely for the cover.  Because – dang it is hot!

I don’t want to give any spoilers away, which is why I will be vague in this review. This book must be read after the first book Imperfect. The crux of this book is the emotional struggle of each character, but it is not a heavy book.  It moved quickly and had a lot of action to balance Jules’ and Mason’s  internal battles.  I read both Unforgiven and Imperfect right after each other.  My Imperfect review is separate (below). I actually like Unforgiven more than I liked Imperfect.   The emotional struggle for each character was so much more fulfilling when this reader knew what the big secret was from the first book. I understood better what Mason was struggling with when he gets involved with Jules.  I suspected throughout the first book, but the reveal was so much more than I thought. Jules’ struggle is palpable and really well written.

The spice in this book is a little lighter than the first one, but the story is very strong. Mason and Jules live in a very different world than I do. Their lives seem glamorous from the outside and yet they deal with issues I hope I never have to. The book pushes and pulls the reader in its characters’ internal world while giving the reader a lot of action.  I really enjoyed the book and was heavily invested in Jules and Mason. Definitely add this to your beach read list!






Willow Winters

Sins and Secret Series

Release Date: June 19, 2017

Fate brought us together, but the sins of my past threaten to rip us apart.

In a city ruled by corruption and powerful men, only the ruthless survive.
And that’s just what I am. Like father, like son. The life I lead is riddled with black tie affairs and dark secrets.

A simple mistake destroyed a woman I knew nothing about. She was only a name and a beautiful face in a photograph. Her fairytale life was shattered, but I didn’t give a damn.

Or at least I thought I didn’t care, until she stumbled into me.
One look, and I was tempted.
One taste, and I was hooked.

It wasn’t supposed to turn into this. She’s a good girl from the Upper East Side, innocent and naive. She’s ashamed to be moving on so quickly.

Especially with a man like me. Someone who could tarnish her sterling reputation and make the crack in her picture-perfect frame splinter even deeper.

We both know this was only meant to be a one-time thing. But I’ll never have my fill of her.

Now she has me wrapped around her little finger, using me to get through her pain. I’m addicted to her soft moans and the way her nails scratch down my back.

I’m starting to need her just as much as she needs me.

I’ll protect her from the truth as long as I can.
But even if she finds out, I’m not letting her leave me.

She’s mine now.

Imperfect is the first book in the new series, Sins and Secret Series of Duets by Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Willow Winters. It is book 1 of a 2 book duet.


Amount of sex 4 / 5
How explicit 4 / 5
Story 4 / 5
Overall: 4 / 5

Imperfect is the first of two books (or a duet as the writer calls them) with Unforgiven being the conclusion of the story of Jules and Mason. The story starts about not quite a year after Jules’ husband is killed in a car accident. She lives her life in the New York limelight as a socialite. Her every move is chronicled in the aftermath of her husband’s death, which weighs heavily in what actions she takes. Up to this point, she has lived away from the spotlight focusing on her writing. Then she meets Mason and is taken in by his smoldering sexiness.  She misses being held and being touched.  What she thinks she wants is sex from Mason, but he wants all of her.

I liked Imperfect.  It was nice and spicy and Jules and Mason are a magnetic couple. Jules and Mason are both holding on to guilt – Jules’s guilt we know is about moving forward from her deceased husband, but Mason’s is much more mysterious. You root for these two and want them to work out. You want Jules’ fairy-tale life to be just that with the new prince Mason. While the characters deal with their own guilt this is not a heavy book. This is a great beach read!

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Amount of sex
3 / 5
How explicit
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Overall: 4.5 / 5