Villain – Review

Villain by Jackie Wang
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The Northbridge Nights Series # 3
By: Jackie Wang
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 11th, 2017


I go by many names: Playboy, Hustler, Villain.

They call me a sadistic a-hole because I rob from the poor and cheat on the weak.

Do I ever regret the choices I’ve made? All the damn time.

But it’s too late to turn back, and too late to start over…

I’ve never even considered giving it all up for anyone or anything before. Never had a reason or motivation to change.

Until I met her.

Callista Rayner. Heiress. Goddess. Need-her-ass-up-on-my-mattress.

My last chance at redemption.

Problem was, I couldn’t afford to fall for her, because I didn’t want to ruin her.

I didn’t want to destroy her, like the others that came before.

Too bad I had no choice.

Too bad she was my pawn and I had to use her.

Too bad, too bad, too bad.


Villain is the third book in the Northbridge Nights Series by Jackie Wang.  I have not read the other books in this series and was able to follow along with no difficulties. This is a dark suspenseful romance and not an easy/sweet read.  Villain does have a HEA, but the path to reach it is bumpy and difficult.

In this story, Ryder is on a mission to hurt the one person he feels messed up his life.  He planned perfectly how he was going to get his revenge, although he did not plan on Callista Rayner reacting the way she did.  Will Ryder let go of his anger and move forward with his life or risk it all to get his retribution?

The characters are complex, well developed and the story line is gripping.  It smoothly switches back and forth between the past and the present with plenty of twists and turns! I definitely recommend this book to those that like the dark suspenseful romance.


Crimson blood dribbled from my left nostril down to my upper lip. “I love her, Dad.” I choked on the tangy copper that swam in my throat and gagged.

Dad’s thick fingers crushed my windpipe harder. “You’re seventeen, boy. You have no fucking clue what love is.”

I tried to suck in air, but sounded like a beached whale instead. There was so much pressure in my skull I wished it would just explode.

“What will your girlfriend say when I tell her?” Dad spat. “Cassie Sullivan, right? Or is it some other slut this week?” He loosened his grip and I sank to the ground, knees crunching. I wished a sinkhole could just open up beneath me and swallow everything: me, Dad, our house, and all the nightmares that came with it. “We—we’re not just s-screwing around, I s-s-swear. It’s not some f-f-fling.” I was dizzy from oxygen deprivation, and the stuttering resurfaced like an old friend. “Cas-s-s-sie and I b-broke up two weeks ago,” I added, as if that would make me a better man somehow.

“And when exactly did you start fucking Veronica?” Dad’s features were twisted like a mangled slinky. Every pock mark, scar and wrinkle on his face lit up like a battlefield. He wanted war.

We didn’t fuck, we made love, I wanted to say. Instead, I murmured, “We were planning to tell you next week.”

“Tell me what, exactly?” Dad scoffed. “That my whore of a wife is cheating on me with my son?” He yanked on a fistful of my black hair, twisting it so hard tears stung my eyes. After the last time he beat me, I’d promised myself I’d never cry in front of him again. I refused to shed tears for this monster. I was worth so much more than the sunken, lost, motherless child he ridiculed and destroyed piece by piece, day by day. I was so much stronger now. Because of her.

“We’re moving out. I’ll be eighteen next month.” I knew exactly what he would say next: that we were making a huge mistake. That I was an ungrateful teenage asshole. A ‘retarded son of a bitch’. That the two of us would burn in hell for eternity.

We would never have his blessing; I knew that from the start.

“Like fucking hell you are!” he roared, his spit flecking my face like paint.

“We already put down a deposit.”

“No,” Dad growled. “What the fuck—How the fuck did you think this would pan out? That you two filthy cheaters would elope and I’d just crumple like a house of cards?”

“We don’t need your bless-s-sing, Dad.”

“Actually, son, you do. And I will never sign those divorce papers. Nica is fucking mine. You understand?”

I tried to twist away from Dad’s grip, but he ended up pulling out a few tufts of my hair by the roots. My front teeth sank into my bottom lip to stop the terrified screams that threatened to unhinge my jaw. I wanted to shoulder my way out of the backyard, but Dad was 6’5”, built like Arnold Schwarzenegger and almost twice my weight. Dad had been a linebacker in college. I was just a twig he enjoyed snapping over and over. I dug my heels into the muddy ground and tried to dodge his swipes, but I wasn’t fast enough. The ground was too slippery. I fumbled, and he kicked me in the shins. I sank to my knees. Then, he dealt a mean hook to my jaw. As beads of crimson dribbled down my chin and neck, Dad dragged me by the collar to the toolshed. He let go of me for a few seconds so he could unlock the padlock that kept the gardening supplies safe. While he struggled with the key, I tried to push myself up, only to be met with a boot to the chest. He ground the heel of his work boots into my sternum, making it almost impossible to breathe. I felt as if there was a hole in my lungs; no matter how much air I dragged in, it was never enough.

This time, I was going to die.

This time, I would learn the meaning of agony.

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JACKIE WANG lives in Vancouver, Canada with her real-life alpha hero and their rambunctious daughter. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In her free time, she likes to read (voraciously), geocache, fill in adult coloring books and watch sappy movies.

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